Thursday, January 21, 2010

on PSE Bull run and other running activities.

Wow this is a very outdated post. I'm becoming more active in twitter and dailymile versus here. The thing is I don't have a lot to share about running. I'm a newbie so I'm not that knowledgeable about the sport yet. Just like any other noobs, I visit other blogs like the bull runner, bald runner,, hotlegsrunner etc. to get tips about running. Reader their blogs helps a lot as I get a lot of opinions and testimonials. It's great to know that these blogs exist.

Just last Sunday, I ran my 2nd 10km race and I am happy for my new PR. I got the official result from Adevents and I ran 10km @ 54 mins and several seconds. I think the trainings that I'm doing helped me a lot to run a stronger 10k race.

So far I have registered to several events and most of them are 10km except for the Condura which I'm going for a half marathon. (Goodluck for me.)

About my training, Coach Isidro is still in Cebu according to him, he is still looking for some money to buy airfare tickets to get back in Manila. For the last 2 weeks, I am just running by myself and I find it difficult to follow the trainings that he's sending via text messages compared when he's here to assist. I have been doing long runs for I am always getting pulled back by to sleep everytime I set the alarm in early in the morning.

I ditched the training that I was previously following in runnersworld since it's for a full marathon. I have to look for a new training plan that I will be able to follow.

What a boring post again. I think I'll be more active in dailymile and twitter for now since I got nothing to share this time.


Sunday, January 17, 2010's Biggest Loser Challenge 2

I didn't expect that I'll get to join this tournament. This is serious. And I think that this will help me a lot in my quest to get back to my old weight or become get a better body this time. Boss Rico (Sheerwill) invited me to join the tournament. He told me that this tournament will help me boost my weight loss pogram more since I need to take this seriously. I got to pay 1000php for participation so I think that's enough to really take this seriously.

When we weigh in in Fitness First, Fort Bonifacio, my starting weight for the tournament is 165.5 lbs. Just seeing that made me happy already because I already lost more that 10 pounds. Before I started running last year, my weight went up to 175 lbs already. I can literally say that I'm fat, and I hate it. I don't want to get fat. They say that the best way to see if you're fat is to look at your current picture and not to look at your self in the mirror. Almost all of my pictures show that I'm fat. So this is bad. I'm thankful though that running is already helping me get back to shape. I'm competitive by nature anyway so I think I will enjoy this tournament. Whatever the result will be, I'll make sure that I'll be satisfied even if I don't win. For now, winning the tournament is just a bonus, losing weight and fats is incomparable.

Current Weight

Although I'm now at 165.5, my BMI is still at 27% so that means that I'm still in the obese level. I'm not really sure how that machine works but it's accurate and I got to trust what's it's displaying. Everyone uses the same machine to get their stats and that fair enough for me. The person in FF said that my ideal weight is 143 pounds. (Gulp) Last time I tried to reach that, I only made 147.

This time, I think I know how to do it right, I will not try to starve my self and I will just try to exert more effort on losing the fats and get it replaced with lean muscle. I will try to post my individual program so if it'll eventually work, then I can share it to other people who's trying to get lean as well.

I will do well in this competition and I hope that everyone will enjoy the tournament. This is so much fun! So help me God.~

another boring post by,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 days of early running

In my quest to improve my run, I move it up to another level again. I am currently trained by Coach Isidro Vildosola. He's the one armed runner who represented the country in several international competition. This Friday, he will be going to Cebu to compete in the Cebu marathon. Hopefully he'll win.

3 days have gone so far and of course, you can't see the results yet. If I continue the fartleks that we are doing, I think I can reap the benefits of this in 3 months time. I saw the advantage of getting a running coach when I am getting tips from his experiences and he said that he'll teach me some of the scientific way of running that he learned.

Hopefully, I will be able to see good results in 3 months. I'm a good student anyway. :) From here, I can see what I need to do in order to improve my speed and endurance. Fartleks are killers but it'll make you strong too. Those things that you hate will make you stronger.

1st day

He make me run for 30 minutes in the Ultra oval. It's just an easy jog. I was able to complete 13 rounds after 30 minutes which is equivalent to 5200m (400mx13). Here's his dagnostic:

Sid Apolinario 13Laps

//5,200MTRS 2:27.11MTRS/SEC 

             2:23     2:52.82 1:50     2:76    4:02     3:08

              95%         90%      85%      80%       70%        110%

0400 ||   2:27.11 ||   2:20  ||   2:44  ||  3:02  ||  3:35.11 ||   2:15
0800 ||   4:05.44 ||   5:56  ||   6:00  ||  6:35  ||  6:52.9   ||   4:00
1000 ||   6:00      ||   6:28  ||   6:48  ||  7:00  ||  7:30      ||   5:55
2000 ||   7:50      ||   8:15  ||   8:57  ||  9:00  ||  9:52      ||   7:40
3000 ||  13:22     ||  14:02 ||  14:38 || 14:59 || 15:48     ||  13:15
4000 ||  17:11     ||  18:24 ||  18:44 || 19:16 || 20:30     ||  17:05
5000 ||  21:03     ||  22:11 ||  23:57 || 25:07 || 26:43     ||  20:30

So the chart above is what I need to follow. I am clueless on how to use this until we did the fartleks in the second day.

200 x 8 

I run 200m @ 44 seconds. Initially, when I ran the 200m, it only took me 33 seconds. The coach said that it's too fast and I need to slow down a little or I might not be able to complete 8 sets. the succeeding 200m @ 44 seconds is like doing punch mitts continuously for 3 minutes. This is the same feeling that I get when I am gasping for air.

100 x 4

Here what we did it to sprint it all out for 100m then walk for another 100m and so on. Ang boring ng post ko no?

For now, I'll follow this and we'll see the result in several days.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 fitness goals

  1. Lose 2 pounds per month.
  2. Run faster.
  3. Run a a sub 2 hour Half Marathon
  4. Do a sub 60 10k.
  5. Do a sub 25 5k.
  6. Join an amateur Muay Thai tournament.
  7. Join a badminton tournament.
  8. Learn a new sport.
  9. Eat healthy
  10. Don't get sick.
  11. Maintain and be consistent with my goal
  12. Run more than 21k.
  13. Exceed each of my goal. hehe..
So help me God!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Personal Report : First long run for 2010

Early this morning, I tag along with some peeps for a 20 km LSD. I really have no idea how this works so I'm quite excited to experience this. Of course, I know that I will benefit from this run in preparation for my 1st 21k this February. Good thing Wily tag along too so I didn't had any problem going to Paseo de Sta Rosa anymore which is the meeting place for our LSD. Wily didn't run though because he went off for a cruise driving to Tagaytay.

It's my second time to meet the members of I'm glad that they are all friendly. Thanks to Argo for introducing me to the other members!

It was really a tiring yet fun experience. I didn't expect that one day, I'll be moving one level up again in running. I'm not even sure if I can finish 20 km at first since I never reached that distance yet. The cardiac hills is really challenging. I thought the uphill in St Martin St is already tough, but this one is tougher. I was at least able to complete maybe about 70% of the major hill then I walked. I thought I'm gonna pass out since I can feel that my head is starting to get dizzy.

The route is a mix of flat roads and trail running. The trail part is harder since you need to watch your steps or you'll f up your ankle. I tried to run in small steps so I can watch where my feet are landing and it worked for me. But Since the trail is long, I can feel that my knees are getting the hard beating. After we reached the flat road again, I can feel that my legs are starting to get shaky. So I'm really thankful that we have some pitstops so we're able to rest for a while. I was running along with Aleth and Raymund in the second half of the whole 19.5 km route. Thanks to you guys! According to my watch, we finished the run in 2:50 mins. But I think it's more than that since I wasn't able to set it right away.

I think I lost a lot of water weight after than run. It's really a fun and challenging experience. I'm thankful that nobody got hurt or injured. I think that I'm already getting serious with this sports. The fact that I'm considering it a sport and not a hobby is a serious thing for me. I love challenges. I hope that I'll be able to conquer more challenges in running and learn along the way. I hope that I can share my experiences to others in time and they'll learn something from it. I wish I can always run so I will not be conscious with the food that I'm eating. I hope I can reach all my goals by the end of 2010. (I haven't set my goals yet, I'll just blog it tomorrow perhaps.)

So I'll start training again this tuesday. I already talked to coach Sid (Isidro) and he'll train me get a PR or get stronger. So help me God. :) Goodnight!