Saturday, February 27, 2010

My "Never Quit" resolve

 "A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can't."

I'm no different from any Juan Dela Cruz. I'm just a man. I fail. I crash. I get injured. I get discourage. I cry. I get demotivated. I envy people who're better than me. I'm confused sometimes. Naaburido. I have fallen down so many times, that I lost count already. That feeling when heaven and earth ganged up on you. It makes you feel like you don't want to live another day anymore. I've been there!

But despite all this, I've learned through my experience that a man is not defined based on the number of times he falls, but the number of times he stood up and continued the fight. So yes, thanks to all the things that motivated me to stand up over and over and still continue my own journey. I'm a champion to myself.

"Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance."

I'm not the best athlete out there. I'm really just competitive by nature. I always start with nothing. Which is good I think. Because even if I lost everything in this new engagement that I have. I have no regrets because dati na akong wala. But of course, I wouldn't let that happen. I consider every opportunity that arrives as a blessing! What's the best part is the opportunity to share your acquired talent/skill/knowledge to others.

Like when I get into running. I never considered it as a fad. And since I fell in love with it. I always do my best to excel. Just like in a computer game. I just do it 1 level at a time. That's how I do it and it's more fun rather than taking things to serious.

The only skill that really fails me every time is creative writing. :)

"Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries."

As they say, try and try.. until you die. :) until you succeed syempre.

Thank you

-Thank you to all my new friends in who inspires me a lot. Thank you to all the other runner - bloggers in the community. Their own personal experiences are my motivations. So guys, thank you for motivating me. :) Sir Rico, Ms Julie, Ms Noelle, Sir Argo, Sir Timmy, Sir Luis, Sir Jovie, Mark and to all the others I forgot to mention. When all else fails, I read their blog to get inspiration. :) (naks!)

- To my girlfriend who's always there and who always believe in me. I can't thank you enough. I know minsan mas marami na kong time sa running kesa sa 'yo. But like I always say, "kesa mag drugs" haha. Ok, you can stop bashing my head now.

- To God who is always my strong arms. When all as in all else really fails. He's always my strong arms.

So today, I will leave this blog with this inspiring scene from Rocky.

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done! Now if you know what you're worth then go out and get what you're worth. But ya gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody! Cowards do that and that ain't you! You're better than that!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone. :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

recovery and Century Tuna Superbods 2010

This is by far, the biggest running event of the year. No doubt. Kudos to Coach Rio for doing his best to make this event successful. It's nice to meet the other members and sir Mike (ms Julie's fiance). Everything seems to be fine about the race except for the early gun start and some half wit race marshalls who doesn't know how to give proper directions to the runners. I'll give this a 7/10.

Before the start of the race, I was hanging around with Timmy, Ms Carina, Ms Noelle, Ms Z, and Ms Julie with her fiance sir Mike and their choreographer. The gun start was too early for the 21km run so we thought that it's just a test. Then when we heard the second gun, we thought that it's just the 21k who's starting as we see it in the huge LCD screen. Too much of our surprise, it's already the 10k and the 21k did start on the first gun fire. So we tried to squeeze our way to the front to get out of the 5km horde. When we we're able to get out, we're already at the tail of the 10km dragon. I was able to run along with Noelle up to the 2nd km only. I slowly drifted away because this lady is one speedster. I tried to concentrate so hard with my run that I am not looking to the person in front of me. I thought that this will just make me more tired. So I raise my head up for a bit and I realize that it's a more comfortable position rather than looking down. I was able to maintain a 5:30 - 6:00 pace after the first 2 km. Passing each runners, I was able to maintain this for about 5 km. The walks when I approach a water station helps a lot. This is the first time that I tried this. I was able to relax my muscle for a bit and then go back to my pace again. I was picturing out the track in Ultra and how I run around it. I think it helped to (muscle memory?). I was able to boost some more when Vertek and Sen Pia's entourage pass through, I gave everything at this point to see if I can at least do a sub 60. When I saw the time from the screen, it just 53 minutes. It's a possible PR. So I sprinted the last 300 m to get a 53:33 on my timer. I still need to wait for the official results from the timing chip though. Hurrah!


I just woke up from a 6 hour sleep after the event early this morning. As I was lying in my mat, I was having this thought that my body and spirit is communicating with each other. We think about a lot of things. And this time, I  randomly thought how it looks like when your body and spirit had a dialog with each other.


Spirit: Hey, you have a new PR! Rejoice. :) You should thank me for pushing you all through out the race.
Body: I know right. But I took a lot of beating from it dammit. You know damn right that I shoud've taken this one lightly because I'm still recovering from the the tooth extraction.

Spirit: F*ckin' weakling.
Body: Shut up. My left thigh hurts big time.

Spirit: That's because you're not that strong yet. You ate Noelle's dust after 2 km. Haha.
Body: I know right. But still I didn't give up and you saw that I pushed it hard too! And I made a lot of slow runners eat my dust.
Spirit: Don't boast about it. You'll not be able to do that without me. That time when you saw Vertek pass ahead of you leaving the Kenyans behind, I gave you a boost there but you didn't sustained it. And then When Sen Pia Cayetano's entourage pass, I did my best to boost you so you can run along with them. Then when the time is almost near, I gave my everything to give you a final boost and hit that PR! It's worth the beating is it not?

Spirit: So don't brag about it too much. You still have a long way to go buddy. Marami ka pang kakaining bigas!
Body: I know right fag. What should I do then?

Spirit: Get stronger. Impress Ms Running more just like how you impressed Ms Badminton and the brutal Ms Muay Thai before. Just try to recall how we made it through their challenges.
Body: Yeah, I'm the one who always take the beating. Because I'm weaker than you. 

Spirit: I crumble down too you stupid ass. Can't you remember the times when I can't push you anymore? When I'm the one sending you thoughts that it's time to give up? So don't say that I'm stronger that you are.
Body: So how come it still looks like we didn't give up at all?

Spirit: Uhm well, it's because Heart is always there to back us up. When we're so down and we're being pummeled and beaten by Mr Challenges, Heart is always there to the rescue. Heart fights Mr Challenge and never give up regardless how big Mr Challenge becomes. Heart always pull us back and help us to push forward.
Body: Oh...

Spirit: Oh my face! That's 4 sentences of explanation and you'll just say oh. 
Body: Oh.. Ok then..
Spirit: (Batok)

Spirit: I think you've already recovered. Heart and I planned on something.
Body: What is it?

Spirit: You want to get stronger right?
Body: Of course

Spirit: You want to hit those PRs more often and finish each races strongly right?
Body: You hit it.

Spirit: Ok, then you'll get a beating.
Body: Wait. what? What do you mean?

Spirit: I'm a show you some tough love.
Body: F*cker.

Spirit: It's for you. This time, the three of us needs to work together more often. We need each other.
Body: You think I can do it?
Spirit: Of course. But it's not going to be easy this time. It's be hard that you will have to puke.
Body: ***gulp***

Brain: Hey can I interrupt? Why are you guys doing this? This is torture!
Spirit: Shut up! Don't release negative  thoughts. We're on a special project and you'll get benefited to ass wipe.
Brain: (left the room)

Spirit: This is for you buddy. Ms Running will definitely love you back when we do this. Heart loves her already so we need to do something about it.
Body: What if I can't make it?
Spirit: You will. You'll have incentives ;-)
Body: Oh I love incentives!

Spirit: I'm sure you do. But we'll try not to spend to much because Ms Running love simple guys.
Body: Hmm.. I'm still aching.

Spirit: Get a lot of rest tonight. For tomorrow, you'll start to get the beating.
Body: Bring it on! But You should still control it ha, Mr Work is demanding sometimes. I can't afford to lose Him.
Spirit: Why are you gay?
Body: F*ck you! You know I'm not, but without him, then you can't give the beating. Haha. Remember dude, he provides the funds
Spirit: yeah, I forgot about that. Tsk
Body: Goodnight!

**Body left the room**

Spirit: Heart you still lurking there?
Heart: Yep, what's up?
Spirit: Just want to say thanks
Heart: np...
Spirit: Ok gtg
Heart: (y) aight

***Spirit left the room***


Schizo no? hahaha.... Well I still have a long way to go and I need this 3 working it out together so I can get more stronger. So help me God.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

A running love letter

Hi there!

I really don't know how to start this letter but let me give you a background of how I am before our paths have crossed. It was 2 years ago when our friends Jyn and Pongs invited us to participate in one of your so many events. At first I thought you're just like the other sports out there. A fad. It took me a year before I participated in another event. That's the second time we met. I know that you already exist but I have no idea how popular are you.

During the time that my first love is Badminton, all I know is that you're just a part of our warm up. You're not too relevant. Badminton and I bonded for the longest time. We still meet occasionally. She's still the same old sport that requires me to be quick. She's still tricky sometimes with her shots. Still the same high maintenance sport that I always enjoy. But then our relationship slowly faded because she never wanted us to play alone. She always want me to tag along some friend. I cannot have an intimate time with her.So you see, my options are limited. As much as I wanted to become creative, she won't allow it unless I'm with 3 or more people.

2 years ago, I met a new girl who came from Thailand. She's the more violent type which caught my attention for several months, like the prior, we still meet each other sometimes. What I liked about this one is she's challenging. She wants me to prove a lot to her. She wants me to be like her. Violent. But that's not me. I mean, we jive sometimes specially when I'm fired up and she wants to put up a spar. There are some instances that she can't hold back that she wants me to go home with a concussion. I remember this event when she wanted me to prove that I really liked her. She had me joined one of her tournaments and she wanted me to win. Unfortunately, I didn't. I thought she'll get disappointed but not. She didn't gave up on me. I did. I realized that we're not meant to go on forever because she might shorten my life because of her violence. I know that you're also there when I train. Just like the first one, you're there again, but I still didn't recognize you because you're just there at the back, just a support.

Last year, I attended one of your events, I did another 5k. Just like the first event which I totally didn't give a damn, I run the event even though I made small walk breaks. Well, I have to admit that although we are seeing each other in my previous sports, I never ran 5 km  as part of my warm up. I think that this is the longest time we're together. I remember that it's when I crossed the finish line that I realize that you're pretty interesting. I can still remember that day. It was a cold and rainy Sunday morning. I didn't find it cute because I got soaked in rain water, I had colds when I got home. (You think it's funny?) And then I started to like you more when Julius and Kirby decided that we join another event. You gave us a 10km run this time. You need to know that I never back down on a challenge. That's why we got the chance to know each other more. You  know what I liked about you. You're simple, you're straight forward, and you're challenging. When you say 10km then it's 10km but you have to admit that some of your organizers sucks at measuring distances! ha!

I really enjoyed the time that we bonded together. Just you and me. I liked it when you don't ask for so many conditions just to be with you. (Unlike that Badminton biatch.. shh don't tell her I told you that she's a batch ;))  I liked it when we bond under the bright moonlight, or when you toast me under mid day sun. I liked it when you bring me to different places. I liked it that you make me feel a better person. I like it when you humbled me with your half marathon. I really didn't expect that you can go that far or farther than that. And I didn't expect that I can also go that far. You really amaze me. I'm thankful that buddy(body) can still cope with your challenges. Just bring it on! I think I'm enjoying your company.

I know we'll bond more. I like the fact that you don't change, but I do. I know that I'll be better. I hope I can conquer more of your challenges. I got to say that I've been thinking of you everyday. I think I already love you. There! You finally know it! damn! You think I'm too fast? We've not been together for a year long yet no? But I can already say the words.

What can I say? we're together almost everyday. You're the first thing that comes into my mind every Sunday morning. Some things have already changed. Like some of the "required" things to do become "wants" already. I want you to know that you inspire me and thank you for that. Thank you for the time you spend with me when I need to solve some problems in life. You always give me the chance to think clearly. So I guess I will end my letter here for now. You made me tired after doing those drills in the oval. I got to sleep now so we can bond some more on the next day. You know, buddy needs rest too or I might not be able to see you.  I'll talk to him also. I need to say some words of encouragement to him so he'll always be strong. So bye for now. I'm happy that we met. There are so many things that I still want to say and share with you but buddy wants to sleep now. Happy valentines!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anticipation is a killer

Do you know how the other wrestler feel when his partner is getting beaten by the other team in a WWE tag team match? Although we know that it's all an act, do you know how he acts in anticipation to get tagged by his beaten team mate. The tension builds up, anger rises, body is shaking in excitement (gigil) and when the opportunity comes when his tag team partner reached his fiery hands, then all hell break lose.

Well that's exactly how I feel right now. The feeling of not able to run and I need to patiently wait until 1 or 2 weeks to get my gums healed. It's all building up now. I can't wait anymore. Once I unleashed hell, this body will get a beating. Oh yes it will! 2 weeks of slacking, I should make up with the lost time.

First, I know that patience is a virtue. Second, Zach dela Rocha also said in one of his songs, "what better time than now" (Guerrilla Radio),which I practice in my life. I don't like waiting. I always acts fast. Time is gold! I think I need to hit my head on the wall.

I'm already thinking of what to do when I'm already able. I'm planning to get back to muay thai for a month of intense training and alternately doing intense circuits in the oval. Do swimming every Wednesday. Add strength training. I don't want to think about rest days. I already have it for 2 freaking weeks! But I'll see how much beating can this body take. I love pain anyway. I feel dull when I'm not feeling anything aching in any of my body parts. What should I do? This is making me insane : (

A few days more my body, take all the rest that you can get for I will make you experience hell once you recovered. You'll definitely puke.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Condura 2010 : A humbling experience

It's over. Those weeks of preparation for this huge running event is already finished yesterday. I'm happy for myself and all my friends who didn't give up and finished the race. I got the miracle that day! The courage to start that is. :)

21 km is not a joke. That's what I've learned. But it was indeed a good learning experience for me! From here I will set my new goals. I'll go back to my drawing board and next time, I want to finish 21km without walking. I have to admit that I didn't follow coach Sid's advice to just run at an easy pace in the first 15 km. Well, I felt comfortable in the 1st 15 with my pace so I thought it was alright. On the way back, I was following this small old man with the name "dionisio" on his singlet. I was able to get ahead of him from time to time until the blister in my left foot started to radiate some pain. I saw Luis' tito Fernando Zobel de Ayala pass me. At one point there's a guy who's following my pace, it felt good until the blister dragged me again. So this guy was Paeng Nepumuceno and he eventually left me behind. The blister is really uncomfortable. I think my wet socks added to the size of the blister. Lesson learned. At the last 7 km, my pace slowed down to a point where I need to walk at the last uphill in the Kalayaan fly over. It's okay though, first time ko lang naman e.

Pero masaya ako kasi walang nainjure sa mga kaibigan ko sa, masaya ako dahil natapos ng matiwasay yung event. Walang nadisgrasya. Saka may medal ako. :) yun yun e! So I have to beat 2:12 next time, this means that I should train harder to do a sun 2 hour next time. Kakayanin ko kaya? hmmm.. Impossible is nothing. :)

Pero sa ngayun, pahinga muna ko ng 2 weeks. Hassle. Nagpatanggal kasi ako ng 2 wisdom teeth e. Sana by Feb 21, okay na ko to run 10k sa Century tuna. I won't be setting any goals for this race muna since recovery period ko yun, I'll just try to finish the race smoothly. Ansakit ng mukha ko habang ginagawa tong post na to tangamal.

Kudos to the organizers ng Condura. I think worth it naman yung binayad ko na reg fee kahit mejo mataas. Sayang naubusan ako ng loot bag. Kakaiba yung event this time, may fireworks. Daming banda na nang eencourage sayo. Kwela.

Salamat sa support group ng You guys rock! At sa lahat ng sumali, astig kayong lahat. Kasi you have the courage to start. :)


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Am I ready for Condura 2010?

I'm not confident but I'm determined. I know that I can finish the 21 km run. I will finish it whatever it takes. So like the other runners, may check list na rin ako. :) Hmm.. actually wala pa haha, di ko pa alam kung anu ilalagay ko sa checklist ko. hahaha, Labo no? Well, maybe I can put it this way, I'll just write down the things that I prepared.

1. Apparels - I'll be using my speedo cycling shorts for the run since it's made of nylon. Therefore, I won't need to grease my inner thighs anymore. Then I'll be using a dri fit shirt. A cap. And my Lunar Glide.

2. Nutrition - I made sure that I am still doing my regular 6 day meal routine. Even though I participated in the BLC 2, I never starved my self. I've learned my lessons before. When you're starving, you have less energy, therefore, you can't perform quality workouts; You can't fully utilize your potential. Of course you'll lose weight faster, but when you stop, observe how fast you'll blow up. It's possible that you'll even get bigger than before. So the 6 meal per day is my current program. Today, I increased my carbohydrates intake to use it on Sunday. I'm eating more potatoes and kamote though as a replacement for rice but I don't do this religiously though, I just regulate my rice intake.

3. Running Mileage and Training - The farthest run that I did in preparation for this event is 17km. I will now see the result of my hard work. I want to find out if I over did it OR I will still need to improve it eventually. (Sigurado kakailanganin ko pa to iimprove sa susunod, especially pag gusto ko na mag PR ng 21k) All those fartleks, weight training, tempo runs, long runs, hill runs, core work outs, push ups, sit ups, wahahaha! gusto ko makita yung benefit para dito sa 21k na run na to. I think eto yung exciting for me.

4. My heart - Syempre handa na ko for this run. Determinado, desidido, panatag. Syempre mejo kinakabahan pero ganun naman palagi sa una diba? Sabi nga nila, "The miracle isn't that I finished; the miracle is I had the courage to start." - John Bingham. Anlakas diba? Profound! Alam ko sa sarili ko na palaban naman ako e. Hindi ako umuurong sa mga hamon, kaya kung san san ako napapasubo e hahaha.. pero masaya. Diba minsan ka lang mabuhay? Edi gawin ko nalahat ng possible kong gawin na tama syempre at hindi nakaka agrabyado sa iba :)

5. Music - Wala e. sayang, parang ayokong gamitin yung phone ko bilang music player this time haha. Bibili na lang ako ng shuffle next time. Anlakas kasi makasira ng telepono pag nababasa e.

6. Race Kit - Check! kaso nabanggit nila Ms Noelle na wala raw bar code yung Race Bibs, tama nga wala. Hmmm.. bat kaya..

7. Timer - So I'll be using my Timex Ironman watch na napanalunan ko sa raffle nung first time ko tumakbo (Botak 2008). Swerte lang hehe pero anlaking tulong nung relo na to. Hindi ko na muna gagamitin yung Nike Triax kasi parang di ko feel gumamit ng HRM. Pero bahala na rin :)

So there! I think this will be enough to say na ready na ko for the race this Sunday. Hopefully lahat ng runners ay makatapos ng maayos at matiwasay. Sana walang mangyaring di kanais nais. I'm sure wala! Think positive. Ayus! Balang araw, maisusulat ko din pag na try ko na ang Full Marathon :) Pero sa ngayon, susubukan ko muna yung 21k. Hinay hinay lang :)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My First Multisport : SWAC 4 and some personal thoughts.

Sheer Will Aquathlon Cup that is. A multisport. Yeah, simula nung nag decide ako tumakbo, sino magaakala na eventually matatry ko din ang paglangoy at pagtakbo. Kala ko nung madali, mahirap din pala lalo na yung pakiramdam ng pagtakbo pagkatapos mong umahon sa tubig. Mabigat, para kang may pasang isang kabang bigas. Buti na lang 3 km lang yung takbo kasi sa "Lite" division lang naman ako sumali.

Bago yung araw ng event na to, isang beses lang ako nakapagpractice lumangoy sa army pool. Pero mejo mapansin ko na din na malakas na rin kahit papano yung stamina ko. Ang laking tulong nung running talaga. Ayun awa ng May Kapal, naka 3rd place pa ko sa SWAC 4. Chamba! :D Ang galing mag organize ni sir Rico e. Astig din yung mga volunteers. Astig din yung mga sumali. Astig kami lahat. hehe.

Photos courtesy of

Biruin mo yun, kaya ko rin pala. :) Sabi nga sa tagline ng Milo. Great thing starts from small beginning. Doon din naman ako nagsimula e, sa wala, then nagkaroon ng konti, sinubukan kong pagibayuhin at eto na mejo naglevel up nanaman ako. Nakakatuwa. Nakakahumble din ang experience. Sa darating na Linggo, tatakbo ako ng 21km sa Condura. Who would've though that someday makakaabot din ako sa ganito kalayo. Exciting. Malamang nyan balang araw makakatakbp din ako ng Full Marathon. 42 km baby! They said that it's a life changing experience. I have to find that out for myself. If there's one thing to expect though, it's the fact that it'll make me confident to face any challenges in life.

Mejo dumami na rin ang mga kaibigan ko from the group. Masaya kasi silang kasama e. Nakakainspire sila. Iba't ibang tao. Iba't ibang pangarap. Iba't ibang lakad ng buhay. Pinagisa ng pagtakbo. Astig diba? Anlakas. Nagpapasalamat ako sa grupo na to kase natulungan din nila akong ilabas yung kakayanan ko. At 'sa pa, they're a good group. Healthy living. May pagka pareparehas ng trip. Yung iba kasi pagtatawanan ka sa simula pag nag healthy living ka. Plastic daw. Saglit lang daw. Sus. Eto nga marami na rin naeengganyo e. Tuloy tuloy lang kami kasi. Determinado. Desidido. Ayun, sa mga ka-team ko lang sa trabaho, marami na rin ang naenganyong tumakbo or mamuhay ng masigla. Masaya nga yun e. Sino bang gusto magkasakit. Malamang wala. Hassle yun e.

Naniniwala ako, malayo pa mararating ko sa pagtakbo, mejo naiba man yung mga una kong plano. At least, andun pa din ako sa parehas na lugar. Tumatakbo pa din. Sa susunod makikita nyo, magiiba na rin ang anyo ko. Hindi naman magmumukang unggoy hahaha. Pero papayat na rin ako. :) Ibabalik ko yung bigat ko noon, pero this time, may konting bangas. :)

So help me God. :)