Monday, February 8, 2010

Condura 2010 : A humbling experience

It's over. Those weeks of preparation for this huge running event is already finished yesterday. I'm happy for myself and all my friends who didn't give up and finished the race. I got the miracle that day! The courage to start that is. :)

21 km is not a joke. That's what I've learned. But it was indeed a good learning experience for me! From here I will set my new goals. I'll go back to my drawing board and next time, I want to finish 21km without walking. I have to admit that I didn't follow coach Sid's advice to just run at an easy pace in the first 15 km. Well, I felt comfortable in the 1st 15 with my pace so I thought it was alright. On the way back, I was following this small old man with the name "dionisio" on his singlet. I was able to get ahead of him from time to time until the blister in my left foot started to radiate some pain. I saw Luis' tito Fernando Zobel de Ayala pass me. At one point there's a guy who's following my pace, it felt good until the blister dragged me again. So this guy was Paeng Nepumuceno and he eventually left me behind. The blister is really uncomfortable. I think my wet socks added to the size of the blister. Lesson learned. At the last 7 km, my pace slowed down to a point where I need to walk at the last uphill in the Kalayaan fly over. It's okay though, first time ko lang naman e.

Pero masaya ako kasi walang nainjure sa mga kaibigan ko sa, masaya ako dahil natapos ng matiwasay yung event. Walang nadisgrasya. Saka may medal ako. :) yun yun e! So I have to beat 2:12 next time, this means that I should train harder to do a sun 2 hour next time. Kakayanin ko kaya? hmmm.. Impossible is nothing. :)

Pero sa ngayun, pahinga muna ko ng 2 weeks. Hassle. Nagpatanggal kasi ako ng 2 wisdom teeth e. Sana by Feb 21, okay na ko to run 10k sa Century tuna. I won't be setting any goals for this race muna since recovery period ko yun, I'll just try to finish the race smoothly. Ansakit ng mukha ko habang ginagawa tong post na to tangamal.

Kudos to the organizers ng Condura. I think worth it naman yung binayad ko na reg fee kahit mejo mataas. Sayang naubusan ako ng loot bag. Kakaiba yung event this time, may fireworks. Daming banda na nang eencourage sayo. Kwela.

Salamat sa support group ng You guys rock! At sa lahat ng sumali, astig kayong lahat. Kasi you have the courage to start. :)