Sunday, February 21, 2010

recovery and Century Tuna Superbods 2010

This is by far, the biggest running event of the year. No doubt. Kudos to Coach Rio for doing his best to make this event successful. It's nice to meet the other members and sir Mike (ms Julie's fiance). Everything seems to be fine about the race except for the early gun start and some half wit race marshalls who doesn't know how to give proper directions to the runners. I'll give this a 7/10.

Before the start of the race, I was hanging around with Timmy, Ms Carina, Ms Noelle, Ms Z, and Ms Julie with her fiance sir Mike and their choreographer. The gun start was too early for the 21km run so we thought that it's just a test. Then when we heard the second gun, we thought that it's just the 21k who's starting as we see it in the huge LCD screen. Too much of our surprise, it's already the 10k and the 21k did start on the first gun fire. So we tried to squeeze our way to the front to get out of the 5km horde. When we we're able to get out, we're already at the tail of the 10km dragon. I was able to run along with Noelle up to the 2nd km only. I slowly drifted away because this lady is one speedster. I tried to concentrate so hard with my run that I am not looking to the person in front of me. I thought that this will just make me more tired. So I raise my head up for a bit and I realize that it's a more comfortable position rather than looking down. I was able to maintain a 5:30 - 6:00 pace after the first 2 km. Passing each runners, I was able to maintain this for about 5 km. The walks when I approach a water station helps a lot. This is the first time that I tried this. I was able to relax my muscle for a bit and then go back to my pace again. I was picturing out the track in Ultra and how I run around it. I think it helped to (muscle memory?). I was able to boost some more when Vertek and Sen Pia's entourage pass through, I gave everything at this point to see if I can at least do a sub 60. When I saw the time from the screen, it just 53 minutes. It's a possible PR. So I sprinted the last 300 m to get a 53:33 on my timer. I still need to wait for the official results from the timing chip though. Hurrah!


I just woke up from a 6 hour sleep after the event early this morning. As I was lying in my mat, I was having this thought that my body and spirit is communicating with each other. We think about a lot of things. And this time, I  randomly thought how it looks like when your body and spirit had a dialog with each other.


Spirit: Hey, you have a new PR! Rejoice. :) You should thank me for pushing you all through out the race.
Body: I know right. But I took a lot of beating from it dammit. You know damn right that I shoud've taken this one lightly because I'm still recovering from the the tooth extraction.

Spirit: F*ckin' weakling.
Body: Shut up. My left thigh hurts big time.

Spirit: That's because you're not that strong yet. You ate Noelle's dust after 2 km. Haha.
Body: I know right. But still I didn't give up and you saw that I pushed it hard too! And I made a lot of slow runners eat my dust.
Spirit: Don't boast about it. You'll not be able to do that without me. That time when you saw Vertek pass ahead of you leaving the Kenyans behind, I gave you a boost there but you didn't sustained it. And then When Sen Pia Cayetano's entourage pass, I did my best to boost you so you can run along with them. Then when the time is almost near, I gave my everything to give you a final boost and hit that PR! It's worth the beating is it not?

Spirit: So don't brag about it too much. You still have a long way to go buddy. Marami ka pang kakaining bigas!
Body: I know right fag. What should I do then?

Spirit: Get stronger. Impress Ms Running more just like how you impressed Ms Badminton and the brutal Ms Muay Thai before. Just try to recall how we made it through their challenges.
Body: Yeah, I'm the one who always take the beating. Because I'm weaker than you. 

Spirit: I crumble down too you stupid ass. Can't you remember the times when I can't push you anymore? When I'm the one sending you thoughts that it's time to give up? So don't say that I'm stronger that you are.
Body: So how come it still looks like we didn't give up at all?

Spirit: Uhm well, it's because Heart is always there to back us up. When we're so down and we're being pummeled and beaten by Mr Challenges, Heart is always there to the rescue. Heart fights Mr Challenge and never give up regardless how big Mr Challenge becomes. Heart always pull us back and help us to push forward.
Body: Oh...

Spirit: Oh my face! That's 4 sentences of explanation and you'll just say oh. 
Body: Oh.. Ok then..
Spirit: (Batok)

Spirit: I think you've already recovered. Heart and I planned on something.
Body: What is it?

Spirit: You want to get stronger right?
Body: Of course

Spirit: You want to hit those PRs more often and finish each races strongly right?
Body: You hit it.

Spirit: Ok, then you'll get a beating.
Body: Wait. what? What do you mean?

Spirit: I'm a show you some tough love.
Body: F*cker.

Spirit: It's for you. This time, the three of us needs to work together more often. We need each other.
Body: You think I can do it?
Spirit: Of course. But it's not going to be easy this time. It's be hard that you will have to puke.
Body: ***gulp***

Brain: Hey can I interrupt? Why are you guys doing this? This is torture!
Spirit: Shut up! Don't release negative  thoughts. We're on a special project and you'll get benefited to ass wipe.
Brain: (left the room)

Spirit: This is for you buddy. Ms Running will definitely love you back when we do this. Heart loves her already so we need to do something about it.
Body: What if I can't make it?
Spirit: You will. You'll have incentives ;-)
Body: Oh I love incentives!

Spirit: I'm sure you do. But we'll try not to spend to much because Ms Running love simple guys.
Body: Hmm.. I'm still aching.

Spirit: Get a lot of rest tonight. For tomorrow, you'll start to get the beating.
Body: Bring it on! But You should still control it ha, Mr Work is demanding sometimes. I can't afford to lose Him.
Spirit: Why are you gay?
Body: F*ck you! You know I'm not, but without him, then you can't give the beating. Haha. Remember dude, he provides the funds
Spirit: yeah, I forgot about that. Tsk
Body: Goodnight!

**Body left the room**

Spirit: Heart you still lurking there?
Heart: Yep, what's up?
Spirit: Just want to say thanks
Heart: np...
Spirit: Ok gtg
Heart: (y) aight

***Spirit left the room***


Schizo no? hahaha.... Well I still have a long way to go and I need this 3 working it out together so I can get more stronger. So help me God.



  1. nice post, Sid. sorry I couldn't stick around. nainip talaga ako with all the slower runners in front! :D

  2. hahaha ikr. :) pasabay ulet next time ha :)

  3. Hey Sid, so you also have a schizoprenic blog conversation going here? Haha. I also have those episodes. Interesting fodder. Good job on your run.

  4. hey sir Rico, thanks for dropping by. :) yeah, just a random pakulo here. sana hanggang blog lang yung schizoprenia hehehe...

  5. sino si ms.running? ms. badminton? ms. muaythai?

    wahahaha mga bagong da hu!!!!! :)

    good job on the PR bro :) see you around!

    (pero back to 15-21k muna ako ulit hehehe)

  6. @timmy - hahaha personification lang nung mga sports na nahiligan ko hehe... can't think of any other gimik for the blog e.. :D

  7. Hi! I just want to drop by and say that you have a great running skills, nice pr! I agree that Century tuna superbods 2010 by far, is the biggest running event of the year. Great event!