Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anticipation is a killer

Do you know how the other wrestler feel when his partner is getting beaten by the other team in a WWE tag team match? Although we know that it's all an act, do you know how he acts in anticipation to get tagged by his beaten team mate. The tension builds up, anger rises, body is shaking in excitement (gigil) and when the opportunity comes when his tag team partner reached his fiery hands, then all hell break lose.

Well that's exactly how I feel right now. The feeling of not able to run and I need to patiently wait until 1 or 2 weeks to get my gums healed. It's all building up now. I can't wait anymore. Once I unleashed hell, this body will get a beating. Oh yes it will! 2 weeks of slacking, I should make up with the lost time.

First, I know that patience is a virtue. Second, Zach dela Rocha also said in one of his songs, "what better time than now" (Guerrilla Radio),which I practice in my life. I don't like waiting. I always acts fast. Time is gold! I think I need to hit my head on the wall.

I'm already thinking of what to do when I'm already able. I'm planning to get back to muay thai for a month of intense training and alternately doing intense circuits in the oval. Do swimming every Wednesday. Add strength training. I don't want to think about rest days. I already have it for 2 freaking weeks! But I'll see how much beating can this body take. I love pain anyway. I feel dull when I'm not feeling anything aching in any of my body parts. What should I do? This is making me insane : (

A few days more my body, take all the rest that you can get for I will make you experience hell once you recovered. You'll definitely puke.

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