Sunday, November 29, 2009


The race is fun. Boring male host (kala ko ba fun? lol~). Uniformed marshalls. Sufficient portalets. Medals. Chocolates and bananas.  Bag counters. Different Start and Finish lines. Better luck next time with the claiming of singlets.

I lost. I didn't beat myself. I'm 1 min slower from the last run. I should punish myself for this so I can run faster and stronger next time.

Wrong move. I should've not ran @ 80% at the first 8 minutes of the race. Wrong strategy. @3 km, I think I was gasping for breath. I should've stayed with the pace I did in Botak. At least, I learned a lesson. So I will need to do more trainings. I still have 5km, races to go before the end of the year.

Congratulation to New Balance and its organizers!


After the run, I went home in Las Pinas hurriedly because I still have training for Muay Thai with Pam. This is the first time that I will have a session in Elorde Southmall. I think running is a big help for my Muay Thai. I noticed that even after the 5k run, I can still throw strong kicks and Sir Jherson was quite impressed (I guess) with my form. I noticed that I don't get tired easily. i didn't gasp for air within the 3 minute round and I was able to do 6 rounds and I'm still ok. Osu! Now I don't have any guilt of eating sinigang during lunch.

It was a tiring day though, cuz after lunch, Me and my friend Wily went to Dasma for a meeting. We're not able to attend our driver's meeting last night. It'a a good thing that the meeting ended after an hour.

Jack Daniels Burger. This is the shit! One of the best burger that I tried aside from Charlie's Black angus Burger. I think that this burger is worth the bucks

After devouring the burger, we had some masculine bonds to do. Foot Spa. hahaha. Foot massage trip ko e kaso si Wily trip foot spa hahahaha. Pero ok naman. Magising ako sa sarili kong hilik habang inaattendan.

Last, Left 4 Dead till 1 am. So when I got home, neverland is paradise.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

A wasted long weekend : but something to look forward

You learn from your experience. No doubt.

I just wasted 6 thousand pesos for a back and fort ticket to Cebu. As I write this post, I should've been in Cebu in transit to Hagnaya Port. By 12 noon, I should've been to Bantayan beach, relaxing, enjoying the sun, island hopping. But it never happened. When we (me and gf) arrived in NAIA Terminal 3 at around 3:50 A.M., they said that the flight is already closed. But it's still 1 hour to go! So we check any other available flights and there's a vacant slot in the 12:15 flight. Ok, that's cool. You know what's not? They want us to pay an additional 10,500php on top of the 6,000+ php ticket that I purchased. At this point, I decided to withdraw. I don't think it's practical to pay 10-5 just to get there. So we just went home.

Lesson learned:

   1. Go to the airport 2 hours before your flight.
   2. Etc. (>:-))

We're home by 5:30 a. I just decided to run in Ultra to take away my stress. (I'm so fucking stressed mentally and emotionally). So there... I went to Ultra and I was planning to run for an hour since I wasn't able to do this yesterday though it's part of my schedule. But I'm not in the mood of running easy for one hour. I need to release my aggression before I hit somebody's face! (Which I'm really not going to do because I don't want to get arrested by mister POW-lease meyn.) So I tried my best to run a 6 x 200m at 90% effort. Oh yes, I love this feeling of passing out. I wish I passed out. I wish I puked but I didn't. Maybe next time I should try something tougher. And I realized that it's too much of a hassle if I passed out since I don't know any runners in the track. After that I rested for 10 minutes and I did 10 reps of stair running. I think I'll love this drill because it's tough. After my 3rd rep, Coach Rio and another guy went there and did stair running too. (Nag apir pa nga sa kin kung ayus ba daw. Xempre ayus. Mabait pala si coach Rio.)

I think I will have to repeat week 2 again next week. It's a good thing that I was able to think of a backup plan. Tomorrow, I will watch my friend Peter's amateur Muay Thai fight in Paranaque. There's an event tomorrow for Elorde gym's Ultimate Knockout Challenge. I hope he wins.

I realized that going for a sub 20 for a 5k will not be happening anytime soon. I did my calculations and once again, I had a temporary brain aneurysm. No, it won't happen in the next 2 months. I will have to work on my endurance more in order to do a sub 20 5k run. I will need to lose more weight. But I think a sub 25 min is achievable. And that's what I will try this Sunday at the New Balance Power run. I think I'm fated to run this race. So I have only one challenger this Sunday, myself. I will go all out with what I've got to get a sub 25. Woohoo. This is like a game; I need to pass this level. Oh gawd!

I will go out now as I am still in pain of my 6k, sayang diba?! It's a good thing that it's my hard earned money and not someone else. Pero sayang talaga. I will go to Ateneo to register for the Big Blue 150 Run. Of course I'll do another 5k for that race. Then I might watch the Ninja Assassin, I want to know if the movie is as good as the making of the film. I hope the visual effects are not cheaply created. It's a martial art film, there should be less special effects and more ass-kicking stunts.

I hope the rest of my weekend won't go to waste. I hope nobody gets hurt or injured in the Power Run this Sunday. I hope I can write better next time. I hope that the movie will be great. I hope there will be good governance in our country. I hope everyone stay as a hero. I hope I'll be a better person. I hope... you comprehend (simpy red). lol.. This is enough, its nonsense anymore. Cheers!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week02Day02 : training results

I can't sleep maybe because I'm kinda excited in trying this exercises that I listed. I saw a good spot in Ultra around 5 in the afternoon and I did my drills as the other runners do their laps around the track. I didn't know that it rained because there's another floor on top of our pad so unless you peek outside, then that's when you'll get a clue what the weather is.


Here's what I found out. The tabata method is only applicable to the simplified quick feet (yes guys, I simplified the quick feet because it's hard on the 1st attempt.). As for the other exercises, they are better executed using the regular 50m line. (pardom me if some of my terms are not correct :) i'm a noob in running remember? :) ). So I was able to perform all the drills that I shared from my last post, except! the freaking karaoke drill. boy that was hard! So I spent around 30-45 minutes for all the drills. I'm perspiring profusely after the drills. (Maybe Ripped Fuel is also helping with its thermogenesis? Hope so)


Here's what I did for the run:

  1. 2 - 400m - relax racing pace (1st lap 00'02"23.15 & 2nd lap 00'02"31.17) avg and current relax pace is 00'2"27.2
  2. 2 - 400m + 6% effort (1st lap 00'02"12.44 & 2nd lap 00'02"15.47) avg @ +6% is 00'02"13.955 (ok I passed since the ideal +6% of my relax racing pace is 00'02"18.368)
  3. 2 - 400m - relax racing pace (1st lap 00'02"36.21 & 2nd lap 00'02"31.00 ) - eto di na kailangan ng average neto hehe.. (blood dripping from the previous computation)
  4. 4 x 400 hard - recover (1st hard - 00'01"57.19; 1st recover - 00'02"39.49; 2nd hard - 00'01"56.88; 2nd recover - 00'02"42.510) you can see that my recovery runs slows down since I'm starting to feel tired
  5. 2 - 400m - +3% effort (1st lap 00'02"18.61 & [2nd lap + 200m] = 00'03"10.05)
Final result:

1. Brain aneurysm caused by computing the numbers that nobody cares but me. lol~
2. 5 km or 12.5 x 400 = 00'29"14.00

*Thanks to my Timex WR 100 M. I was able to time everylap that I made around the track. By the way, I got this watch when they picked my race number in last year's Botak Paabilisan (Nov) which is my first marathon. Beginner's luck no? or maybe it's a sign that I will become a competitive runner too. hehe

Self Evaluation

Ok, this is 00'04"14 slower than my botak run. But it's all good. I think the drills took some of my energy and I need to consider that this is just part of my training. I guess it's ok to run slower than your PR. no? I have to admit that I still do not know what my regular 5k pace should be. I will have to use this initial data to figure that out. I will need to do some research for the ideal 5k pace. *-.-*

Later, I will do some strength training in the gym then I'll do my 1 hour run tomorrow. I will still contemplate if I will do the 1 hour or I will do some surge. Anyway, I might need to stick with week 2 next week since I'm going to cebu this friday morning to relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Bantayan Island here I come.

I saw a lot of runners in Ultra last night. Some are beginners like me and some are long time runners. They're all inspiring. I know that we have different reasons why we run. Different goals, different plans. I think I'm starting to like running since I'm starting to think about it most of the time. I initially thought of it as a good way to lose weight which is my original goal. Now, losing weight just comes second for I know that I will lose weight in running. There will be a time that I will have some friends in Ultra. Maybe people who I usually see and run along.

Now I have 2 short term goals. 1st is to beat my final time when doing the training and 2nd is to beat my PR in the next 5k race. With that said, I guess I will do the chacha, I mean do the circuit again and then continue to run for 1 hour. Tama.. ganun na nga.. hehe..


Monday, November 23, 2009

Week02Day02 : a different approach

Last week, I got a program from runnersworld for running marathon not realizing that at the end of the 16 week program, I will have to run a full marathon. The idea is cool, but I have decided not to run my full marathon yet until a year or 2. Ika nga, "hilaw pa". But it doesn't mean that I'm going to discard the program. I will still follow it, and maybe modify some part of it and then incorporate this new training I got from Mark. Yes folks, I'll just take it nice and slow, nice... and slow...

So what's the new training all about?

It's about beating my current PR for 5k. yeah, I think 25 mins can still be beaten. uhm.. yeah XD so later tonight, I will try the drills that I got from the net and then do the paces listed from the link Mark gave me. I love doing drills. It makes you stronger. That's how I become competitive in badminton. I have to admit that there are times that you really curse the drills because it really sucks you dry, but in my opinion, it also trains you mentally and you're able to bring that to the actual race. It gives you "that" confidence that the race can be easy for you since the hellish drills that you performed prior to the race is 5 folds harder. (maybe even more folds no? lol~)

So later, yeah, I will make myself curse these drills because I want to become better. I know it's more fun to do it with a group but it's hard to find a group that will want to do the trainings that I want to do. And you can put the fact that I'm a shy person. (Opo mahiyain ako ;-) )So I guess I'll pick a good spot in Ultra tonight where I can do the drills first before doing my 4 mile run. I'm planning to incorporate the tabata method in the drills and see if that will work or doing the traditional method will work more. I'm not sure at all, this is all my experiment. haha.

Let me share with you the videos that I found from youtube that I think can help you become a better runner. We can use this as a reference aside from the exercises and drills that you can get from your fellow runners and coaches.

Running Drills

Proper Running Techniques : High Skipping Running Drill

Proper Running Techniques : Butt Kicking Running Drill

Proper Running Techniques : High Knees Running Drill

I'll start with these drills for now and just performed them repeatedly for an hour before I run my 4 miler. I know that doing the drills before running can really affect the 4 mile run, but it's ok, this is all part of my home-made training plan. I hope I can get a good rest through out the day so I can have a good training tonight. Ok, back to work.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Botak Paabilisan Road Race Series and Week01Day06-07

First of, congratulations to myself for beating my own PR. Boy I was so glad that I was able to finish the 5km at 25:00++ I haven't seen if there's any official result yet but I'm good with the fact that I was 8 minutes faster from my last 5k races. I think my personal training paid off somehow. Now I will have to beat my current PR for 5k. That's done, I'm only as good as my last number. If I don't beat this, then I'll lose to myself. I will have to prove to myself that I can still beat more PRs as I join other races.

I wasn't able to complete my assigment last saturday and I still lack 1.4 km last sunday. Today, I just paid the missing the numbers as I ran 27.5 laps x 400m in the Ultra track and field. The FEU track athletes are there doing their training. I can see how far I am behind from these guys. They're like horses when they run. So freaking fast. That's why they're varsities! That's what they do. I think I saw the little guy who won the 10k yesterday. The 5k i'm, not sure, but he's a freak for finishing 5k in 15 minutes. What a monster runner. Will I be a monster too? I'll find out.

I ran the 27.5 laps at an easy pace. I had my first water stop after my 17th lap. then I had 1 lap of brisk walking and did an easy run again for the remaining laps. I finished it @ 1:03:00++. Hey! I just beaten my PR for KOTR which is 1:07 @ 10k. ha! that was fun. The weather is so nice today and the 13 hour sleep really last night really paid off!

I just shopped for training videos in the tube and I am planning to use them tomorrow night since I was only scheduled to run for 4 miles / 6.46 km. It's a good feeling when you think of 5-6km as a short distance run. I remember my first race when I thought that the 5km is never ending. I am feeling so good about this and I hope that God will let me run more races without any injuries. Hopefully, this running fad will last long, just like badminton. I'm still far from reaching my 1000th km but I will get there in time.

Find your motivation in running! I do. :) Jah bless ya'll!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Going back to the basics : tabata exercise

I challenge my self to lose weight 2 years ago, I did not fail. So now it's time to do the exercises that I find effective.

Tabata Exercise - four minutes of pain

The idea idea is simple. Do an single exercise in 4 minutes. Sounds easy eh? If you'll use the Tabata concept, you'll have to do the exercise this way. Let's use sit ups as an example. Using Tabata method, perform as many sit-ups as you can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. That's a total of 30 seconds then. Doing 8 sets of this will sum up to 4 minutes. It's so easy right? Do not cheat, you should always perform as many reps within the 20 seconds. Easy? >:-)

Tabata Anything - Four Minutes of Pain to Gain (

The Tabata protocol is a high-intensity training regimen that produces remarkable results. A Tabata workout (also called a Tabata sequence) is an interval training cycle of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated without pause 8 times for a total of four minutes. In a group context, you can keep score by counting how many lifts/jumps/whatever you do in each of the 20 second rounds. The round with the smallest number is your score.

Credit for this simple and powerful training method belongs to its namesake, Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan. Their groundbreaking 1996 study, published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise, provided documented evidence concerning the dramatic physiological benefits of high-intensity intermittent training. After just 6 weeks of testing, Dr. Tabata noted a 28% increase in anaerobic capacity in his subjects, along with a 14% increase in their ability to consume oxygen (V02Max). These results were witnessed in already physically fit athletes. The conclusion was that just four minutes of Tabata interval training could do more to boost aerobic and anaerobic capacity than an hour of endurance exercise.

Although Dr. Tabata used a mechanically braked exercise cycle machine, you can apply this protocol to almost any exercise. For example, a basic Tabata workout can be performed with sit-ups. The more muscles used the better, so use full knees-bent sit-ups. Sit-up non-stop for 20-second intervals, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat for a total of 8 cycles.

How effective can just 4 minutes of exercise be? ... Very. You will be amazed at how intense the four minutes of exercise will feel. The intervals tax both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. To be clear, this isn't "eight sets of eight," although the goal of doing eight reps in each of the 20-second clusters is about right. Instead it's "as many reps as I can get in" during the twenty seconds, followed by ten seconds rest.
It helps to be able to see a wall clock with a second hand during your four minutes of fun. Stop at twenty seconds, rest ten seconds, and go again. Watching the clock helps with your focus and also in keeping count of the eight cycles...

Here is a longer Tabata workout example. This workout consists of 4 separate Tabata Intervals, each 4 minutes. The total workout will last 16 minutes. Always begin with a moderate warm-up and cool down session. And if you are not already in good shape, check with a doctor before trying.

* Jump Rope
* Pushups
* Squats
* Chin-ups or Pull-ups

Note the 10-second rest periods in the Tabata workout are important, both physically and mentally. Not only do they allow partial recovery, they also provide psychological relief. Switching back and forth from work to rest makes the workout go quickly. Plus, it allows you to train at a higher level of intensity, which what intervals are all about.

Another good exercise for Tabatas is the "squat thruster." The squat thruster is one of the great lifts being made popular by organizations such as CrossFit. Take two dumbbells and hold them at shoulder height. Squat down, pushing your rear-end back, keeping the dumbbells on the shoulders. As you rise up, press the bells to the overhead lockout position. You can either press as you rise or use the momentum to help "kick" the bells overhead. Keep your weight in your heals and go light! A 25 pound dumbbell in each hand is a very difficult thruster workout!

Pretty much any form of cardiovascular exercise that uses a large number of muscles can be tailored to fit Tabata interval workouts, so feel free to be creative. In addition to the exercises mentioned above, use them with sprints, burpees, a jump rope, the heavy bag, treadmill or rowing machine. Lessen the likelihood of injury by choosing a rate of intensity suited to your level of conditioning - be conservative. Incorporate variety into your Tabata workouts. A few sessions per week will offer plenty of intensity.

High intensity interval training it is. I will try to apply this is running as well. Maybe later tonight after getting some sleep. I haven't tried this in running yet because I just started to take running seriously this year. I will post the result of the interval training that I will be doing here.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week01Day04 : the 1 hour run

I successfully finished my 1 hour run in Ultra. It was a smooth 1 hour run. An easy running pace. Sometimes, you can't avoid to follow the pace when someone gets ahead of you lol~ I didn't drank any fluids ultil my first 30 minutes. Although my throat is not dried up yet, I made sure to take the right amout of gatorade to make sure that I will not get dehydrated. I had a total of 2 water breaks since I'm really not pushing hard tonight.

I was able to get some rest afterwards although I didn't get to sleep at all. I think what I need to practice as well is how to get enough rest because that is essential.

I went over the program for beginners again and I was surprised that the final part of the program is to be able to complete a full marathon. Two words, "not yet". I will modify this program because I don't want to do a full marathon yet. Not until a year or so. For now, I will take it easy in order to keep my self healthy. Becoming fit doesn't always go hand in hand with becoming healthy. A perfect example of this is the late CEO of SAP India who died of cardiac arrest. I don't want to be like that. So I'll make sure that I'll get the right amount of sleep.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I just ran in Bonifacio High Street last night after we've registered for the Botak Paabilisan 2009. We're able to get the 5km route and we ran it plus an additional 1 km. So I think I was able to complete my task for last night. The terrain have some easy uphill run anyway. Next time I'll be running the uphill in St Paul Pasig because that one is tougher. I used to run the uphill in Julia Vargas and it really helped me a lot when I ran the 10k in Adidas KOTR 2009. Although doing 5k is already easy mentally and physically for me, I want to make sure that I will be doing everything the right way so I took it to the next level by following a program.

I always follow programs since I started training for badminton in high school. For me, it's always right to know the basics.And I think it applies to any sport. I believe that when you're doing it right, then there's less effort. That's what I want to achieve in running.

The run earlier is smooth, although my mistake is I don't have any water with me since I thought that I can finish the 5k smoothly. But following Mark's pace is a bit tougher for me. It's a good thing that he brought his hydration belt with him. I took a sip from his gatorade and that's enough for me to finish our route.

I'm trying to train myself in drinking less water while running 5k. Actually I can finish my 12 1/2 course in the track in Ultra without the need to drink water. My PR for that 12 1/2 course in the 3rd innermost lane in the track is 00:28:31. I'll train more to decrease this time and I'll do it in the right way.

I'll try to hit the gym later for another round of strength training after I get my long rest after my work. (Yeah, i work at night. ;-) But thank goodness that I work from home.)


Back to square 1

Today marks the day where I'll go back to square 1 in running. Yeah, actually I never had a proper training program for running. I just run and run and run..

Today I'll follow the program that I got from You can get to the exact page here.

I will be following the 16 week program for beginners. I don't want to jump to the nexy level right away eventhough I know that I can do it because I have the tendencies to quit the program if I do it that way. At least, in this method, I will be able to assess if I will really like this sports.

So far, the only gear that I bought for running is the Nike Lunarglide, it's kinda expensive though but I kinda like it's support to the feet. I haven't brean-in the shoes that much yet because I use it as an alternate with my old shoes, an Adidas. What I noticed with LunarGlide is it's not very friendly with semi flat footed feet. I know i'm not flat footed before but I guess my feet changed because I use to run and train barefooted in muay thai.

I was planning to run at Philsports tonight but I will be joining my friend Mark in BHC because we also need to register for the Botak Paabilisan marathon this sunday. Initially I was planning to go for 10km for this race but I changed my mind. I want to beat my personal record first in 5k which is 33 mins.

I'm a slow runner in my opinion because I was short. (5'5). So I need to exert extra effort to cope with Mark's pace. Them long legged freaks.. just kindding. I will need to stretch more in order to have longer strides. I will develop that eventually.

Food, I haven't thought about nutrition and diet yet but I started skipping rice and replacing it with bread. What I did change with my diet now is I make sure that I don't skip any meals at all. I've learned that it's not a good practice to lose weight. Now, I eat eveytime I starve. I don't eat too much though. I make sure that I include fruits in my diet. Earlier, I had 4 regular size french toast and 4 strips of bacon. Then I am craving for the adobo that my mother prepared but I decided to eat that after my run.

Diet is one of the hardest part of losing weight. What I also do is give my self a day off in my diet.

I hope that I will have a good run later.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gym Enrollment

Today I signed up for a membership with a gym in Philippine Stock Exchange here in Ortigas. My objective for signing up is to condition and strengthen my body for the sports I'm doing ( and weightloss). I signed up for 3 months and they gave me a free additional month.

The personal trainer gave me a program to follow. But I'm really not sure if he's serious with the program he gave me because in my opinion, the program is for beginners. But it's all good. I know that I also need to adapt with their gym and hopefully the program that he gave me will work out.

I worked out after signing up and I didn't even break a sweat with the program at all. (Just a little bit) But again it's ok since I want to see if that will work out for me. So here's the list of exercises I performed and will be performing for a month.

1. Dumbell Press - 3 sets - 15 reps (10 freaking pounds per arm)
2. Dumbell Flys - 3 sets - 15 reps (also10 freaking pounds per arm)
3. Shoulder Press - 3 sets - 15 reps (15 freaking pounds each)
4. Lateral front Shoulder raise - 3 sets - 15 reps (10 pounds)
5. Cable Front Pull down - 3 sets - 15 reps (50 pounds)
6. Seated Back Extension - 3 sets - 15 reps (50 pounds)
7. Leg Press - 3 sets - 15 reps - (60 - 70 - 80)

Crunches and Leg raises.

I hit the sauna afterwards to release some water in my body. And now I'm eating noodles! how great is that? haha.

It's ok that I started with these weights since I also want to make sure that I'm doing the exercise correctly. Anyway, I don't believe in targetting heavier weights but no form. I can see a lot of guys doing that in my old bakal gym in LP. And I'm not impressed. I don't know why, maybe it's because I'm not a fan of a bulky body, I think that it'll make you sluggish.

I think I will enjoy doing strength training every other day. Hopefully I will feel its benefits everytime I run or hit the mitts.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Run Kick Smash

Why? Why Run Kick Smash? It's simple. in my 27 years of existence, there are three sports (so far) that I think I am getting better. What are they? Let me enumerate them.

  1. Run - I'm currently doing marathons or yeah.. running. I'm not sure why this sport but what I know is, it gives me time to contemplate. Contemplate about what? Life, work, relationship, everything. Plus, it helps me to go back to my target weight. I started running occassionally last year (Botak paabilisan 2008 5k). 2009, I have joined 1 5k and1 10k as of today. But am running more frequent since the Ayala Eco Run. Sept? I guess...
  2. Kick - Muay Thai. I started Muay Thai in 2008. I have joined 1 amateur tournament where I lost by decision (But it's all good.. really) and running helps me build up endurance and stamina for this sport. Muay Thai helps me release my aggression. It helps me calm my mind and body enabling me to sleep well. For me, Muay Thai is respecting others.
  3. Bad-minton - the sport where I've been hooked up since 3rd year high school. This is the first sport where I can say I really excelled and fell in love with. You can put me in class C if Class A is the National Team and Class B is the Varsity Players. I had several medals with this sport and continue to play occasionally.
I created this blog because I think it will help me track my progress and help me reach my goal to get fit again. I didn't intended to make this blog for commercial shit but it's more of a personal journal for me. So what you'll read here is who I am and who I'll be after following my plan.

I used to be slim snd skinny but the last 5 years of my life is putting me in the "unhealthy" side of the gauge. Yeah it sucks. It sucks because I acquired got because of eating too much.

I want a new life again. I'm trying my best to move away from the unhealthy practices in life. I know I can do it. Mataas ang paniniwala ko sa sarili ko.

So ayun.. inaantok na ko.. bukas ko na itutuloy yung ibang gusto ko I post.

current weight: 170 lbs.