Thursday, November 26, 2009

A wasted long weekend : but something to look forward

You learn from your experience. No doubt.

I just wasted 6 thousand pesos for a back and fort ticket to Cebu. As I write this post, I should've been in Cebu in transit to Hagnaya Port. By 12 noon, I should've been to Bantayan beach, relaxing, enjoying the sun, island hopping. But it never happened. When we (me and gf) arrived in NAIA Terminal 3 at around 3:50 A.M., they said that the flight is already closed. But it's still 1 hour to go! So we check any other available flights and there's a vacant slot in the 12:15 flight. Ok, that's cool. You know what's not? They want us to pay an additional 10,500php on top of the 6,000+ php ticket that I purchased. At this point, I decided to withdraw. I don't think it's practical to pay 10-5 just to get there. So we just went home.

Lesson learned:

   1. Go to the airport 2 hours before your flight.
   2. Etc. (>:-))

We're home by 5:30 a. I just decided to run in Ultra to take away my stress. (I'm so fucking stressed mentally and emotionally). So there... I went to Ultra and I was planning to run for an hour since I wasn't able to do this yesterday though it's part of my schedule. But I'm not in the mood of running easy for one hour. I need to release my aggression before I hit somebody's face! (Which I'm really not going to do because I don't want to get arrested by mister POW-lease meyn.) So I tried my best to run a 6 x 200m at 90% effort. Oh yes, I love this feeling of passing out. I wish I passed out. I wish I puked but I didn't. Maybe next time I should try something tougher. And I realized that it's too much of a hassle if I passed out since I don't know any runners in the track. After that I rested for 10 minutes and I did 10 reps of stair running. I think I'll love this drill because it's tough. After my 3rd rep, Coach Rio and another guy went there and did stair running too. (Nag apir pa nga sa kin kung ayus ba daw. Xempre ayus. Mabait pala si coach Rio.)

I think I will have to repeat week 2 again next week. It's a good thing that I was able to think of a backup plan. Tomorrow, I will watch my friend Peter's amateur Muay Thai fight in Paranaque. There's an event tomorrow for Elorde gym's Ultimate Knockout Challenge. I hope he wins.

I realized that going for a sub 20 for a 5k will not be happening anytime soon. I did my calculations and once again, I had a temporary brain aneurysm. No, it won't happen in the next 2 months. I will have to work on my endurance more in order to do a sub 20 5k run. I will need to lose more weight. But I think a sub 25 min is achievable. And that's what I will try this Sunday at the New Balance Power run. I think I'm fated to run this race. So I have only one challenger this Sunday, myself. I will go all out with what I've got to get a sub 25. Woohoo. This is like a game; I need to pass this level. Oh gawd!

I will go out now as I am still in pain of my 6k, sayang diba?! It's a good thing that it's my hard earned money and not someone else. Pero sayang talaga. I will go to Ateneo to register for the Big Blue 150 Run. Of course I'll do another 5k for that race. Then I might watch the Ninja Assassin, I want to know if the movie is as good as the making of the film. I hope the visual effects are not cheaply created. It's a martial art film, there should be less special effects and more ass-kicking stunts.

I hope the rest of my weekend won't go to waste. I hope nobody gets hurt or injured in the Power Run this Sunday. I hope I can write better next time. I hope that the movie will be great. I hope there will be good governance in our country. I hope everyone stay as a hero. I hope I'll be a better person. I hope... you comprehend (simpy red). lol.. This is enough, its nonsense anymore. Cheers!


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