Sunday, November 15, 2009

Run Kick Smash

Why? Why Run Kick Smash? It's simple. in my 27 years of existence, there are three sports (so far) that I think I am getting better. What are they? Let me enumerate them.

  1. Run - I'm currently doing marathons or yeah.. running. I'm not sure why this sport but what I know is, it gives me time to contemplate. Contemplate about what? Life, work, relationship, everything. Plus, it helps me to go back to my target weight. I started running occassionally last year (Botak paabilisan 2008 5k). 2009, I have joined 1 5k and1 10k as of today. But am running more frequent since the Ayala Eco Run. Sept? I guess...
  2. Kick - Muay Thai. I started Muay Thai in 2008. I have joined 1 amateur tournament where I lost by decision (But it's all good.. really) and running helps me build up endurance and stamina for this sport. Muay Thai helps me release my aggression. It helps me calm my mind and body enabling me to sleep well. For me, Muay Thai is respecting others.
  3. Bad-minton - the sport where I've been hooked up since 3rd year high school. This is the first sport where I can say I really excelled and fell in love with. You can put me in class C if Class A is the National Team and Class B is the Varsity Players. I had several medals with this sport and continue to play occasionally.
I created this blog because I think it will help me track my progress and help me reach my goal to get fit again. I didn't intended to make this blog for commercial shit but it's more of a personal journal for me. So what you'll read here is who I am and who I'll be after following my plan.

I used to be slim snd skinny but the last 5 years of my life is putting me in the "unhealthy" side of the gauge. Yeah it sucks. It sucks because I acquired got because of eating too much.

I want a new life again. I'm trying my best to move away from the unhealthy practices in life. I know I can do it. Mataas ang paniniwala ko sa sarili ko.

So ayun.. inaantok na ko.. bukas ko na itutuloy yung ibang gusto ko I post.

current weight: 170 lbs.

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