Monday, November 23, 2009

Week02Day02 : a different approach

Last week, I got a program from runnersworld for running marathon not realizing that at the end of the 16 week program, I will have to run a full marathon. The idea is cool, but I have decided not to run my full marathon yet until a year or 2. Ika nga, "hilaw pa". But it doesn't mean that I'm going to discard the program. I will still follow it, and maybe modify some part of it and then incorporate this new training I got from Mark. Yes folks, I'll just take it nice and slow, nice... and slow...

So what's the new training all about?

It's about beating my current PR for 5k. yeah, I think 25 mins can still be beaten. uhm.. yeah XD so later tonight, I will try the drills that I got from the net and then do the paces listed from the link Mark gave me. I love doing drills. It makes you stronger. That's how I become competitive in badminton. I have to admit that there are times that you really curse the drills because it really sucks you dry, but in my opinion, it also trains you mentally and you're able to bring that to the actual race. It gives you "that" confidence that the race can be easy for you since the hellish drills that you performed prior to the race is 5 folds harder. (maybe even more folds no? lol~)

So later, yeah, I will make myself curse these drills because I want to become better. I know it's more fun to do it with a group but it's hard to find a group that will want to do the trainings that I want to do. And you can put the fact that I'm a shy person. (Opo mahiyain ako ;-) )So I guess I'll pick a good spot in Ultra tonight where I can do the drills first before doing my 4 mile run. I'm planning to incorporate the tabata method in the drills and see if that will work or doing the traditional method will work more. I'm not sure at all, this is all my experiment. haha.

Let me share with you the videos that I found from youtube that I think can help you become a better runner. We can use this as a reference aside from the exercises and drills that you can get from your fellow runners and coaches.

Running Drills

Proper Running Techniques : High Skipping Running Drill

Proper Running Techniques : Butt Kicking Running Drill

Proper Running Techniques : High Knees Running Drill

I'll start with these drills for now and just performed them repeatedly for an hour before I run my 4 miler. I know that doing the drills before running can really affect the 4 mile run, but it's ok, this is all part of my home-made training plan. I hope I can get a good rest through out the day so I can have a good training tonight. Ok, back to work.


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