Sunday, November 22, 2009

Botak Paabilisan Road Race Series and Week01Day06-07

First of, congratulations to myself for beating my own PR. Boy I was so glad that I was able to finish the 5km at 25:00++ I haven't seen if there's any official result yet but I'm good with the fact that I was 8 minutes faster from my last 5k races. I think my personal training paid off somehow. Now I will have to beat my current PR for 5k. That's done, I'm only as good as my last number. If I don't beat this, then I'll lose to myself. I will have to prove to myself that I can still beat more PRs as I join other races.

I wasn't able to complete my assigment last saturday and I still lack 1.4 km last sunday. Today, I just paid the missing the numbers as I ran 27.5 laps x 400m in the Ultra track and field. The FEU track athletes are there doing their training. I can see how far I am behind from these guys. They're like horses when they run. So freaking fast. That's why they're varsities! That's what they do. I think I saw the little guy who won the 10k yesterday. The 5k i'm, not sure, but he's a freak for finishing 5k in 15 minutes. What a monster runner. Will I be a monster too? I'll find out.

I ran the 27.5 laps at an easy pace. I had my first water stop after my 17th lap. then I had 1 lap of brisk walking and did an easy run again for the remaining laps. I finished it @ 1:03:00++. Hey! I just beaten my PR for KOTR which is 1:07 @ 10k. ha! that was fun. The weather is so nice today and the 13 hour sleep really last night really paid off!

I just shopped for training videos in the tube and I am planning to use them tomorrow night since I was only scheduled to run for 4 miles / 6.46 km. It's a good feeling when you think of 5-6km as a short distance run. I remember my first race when I thought that the 5km is never ending. I am feeling so good about this and I hope that God will let me run more races without any injuries. Hopefully, this running fad will last long, just like badminton. I'm still far from reaching my 1000th km but I will get there in time.

Find your motivation in running! I do. :) Jah bless ya'll!


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