Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week02Day02 : training results

I can't sleep maybe because I'm kinda excited in trying this exercises that I listed. I saw a good spot in Ultra around 5 in the afternoon and I did my drills as the other runners do their laps around the track. I didn't know that it rained because there's another floor on top of our pad so unless you peek outside, then that's when you'll get a clue what the weather is.


Here's what I found out. The tabata method is only applicable to the simplified quick feet (yes guys, I simplified the quick feet because it's hard on the 1st attempt.). As for the other exercises, they are better executed using the regular 50m line. (pardom me if some of my terms are not correct :) i'm a noob in running remember? :) ). So I was able to perform all the drills that I shared from my last post, except! the freaking karaoke drill. boy that was hard! So I spent around 30-45 minutes for all the drills. I'm perspiring profusely after the drills. (Maybe Ripped Fuel is also helping with its thermogenesis? Hope so)


Here's what I did for the run:

  1. 2 - 400m - relax racing pace (1st lap 00'02"23.15 & 2nd lap 00'02"31.17) avg and current relax pace is 00'2"27.2
  2. 2 - 400m + 6% effort (1st lap 00'02"12.44 & 2nd lap 00'02"15.47) avg @ +6% is 00'02"13.955 (ok I passed since the ideal +6% of my relax racing pace is 00'02"18.368)
  3. 2 - 400m - relax racing pace (1st lap 00'02"36.21 & 2nd lap 00'02"31.00 ) - eto di na kailangan ng average neto hehe.. (blood dripping from the previous computation)
  4. 4 x 400 hard - recover (1st hard - 00'01"57.19; 1st recover - 00'02"39.49; 2nd hard - 00'01"56.88; 2nd recover - 00'02"42.510) you can see that my recovery runs slows down since I'm starting to feel tired
  5. 2 - 400m - +3% effort (1st lap 00'02"18.61 & [2nd lap + 200m] = 00'03"10.05)
Final result:

1. Brain aneurysm caused by computing the numbers that nobody cares but me. lol~
2. 5 km or 12.5 x 400 = 00'29"14.00

*Thanks to my Timex WR 100 M. I was able to time everylap that I made around the track. By the way, I got this watch when they picked my race number in last year's Botak Paabilisan (Nov) which is my first marathon. Beginner's luck no? or maybe it's a sign that I will become a competitive runner too. hehe

Self Evaluation

Ok, this is 00'04"14 slower than my botak run. But it's all good. I think the drills took some of my energy and I need to consider that this is just part of my training. I guess it's ok to run slower than your PR. no? I have to admit that I still do not know what my regular 5k pace should be. I will have to use this initial data to figure that out. I will need to do some research for the ideal 5k pace. *-.-*

Later, I will do some strength training in the gym then I'll do my 1 hour run tomorrow. I will still contemplate if I will do the 1 hour or I will do some surge. Anyway, I might need to stick with week 2 next week since I'm going to cebu this friday morning to relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Bantayan Island here I come.

I saw a lot of runners in Ultra last night. Some are beginners like me and some are long time runners. They're all inspiring. I know that we have different reasons why we run. Different goals, different plans. I think I'm starting to like running since I'm starting to think about it most of the time. I initially thought of it as a good way to lose weight which is my original goal. Now, losing weight just comes second for I know that I will lose weight in running. There will be a time that I will have some friends in Ultra. Maybe people who I usually see and run along.

Now I have 2 short term goals. 1st is to beat my final time when doing the training and 2nd is to beat my PR in the next 5k race. With that said, I guess I will do the chacha, I mean do the circuit again and then continue to run for 1 hour. Tama.. ganun na nga.. hehe..


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