Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back to square 1

Today marks the day where I'll go back to square 1 in running. Yeah, actually I never had a proper training program for running. I just run and run and run..

Today I'll follow the program that I got from  runnersworld.com. You can get to the exact page here.

I will be following the 16 week program for beginners. I don't want to jump to the nexy level right away eventhough I know that I can do it because I have the tendencies to quit the program if I do it that way. At least, in this method, I will be able to assess if I will really like this sports.

So far, the only gear that I bought for running is the Nike Lunarglide, it's kinda expensive though but I kinda like it's support to the feet. I haven't brean-in the shoes that much yet because I use it as an alternate with my old shoes, an Adidas. What I noticed with LunarGlide is it's not very friendly with semi flat footed feet. I know i'm not flat footed before but I guess my feet changed because I use to run and train barefooted in muay thai.

I was planning to run at Philsports tonight but I will be joining my friend Mark in BHC because we also need to register for the Botak Paabilisan marathon this sunday. Initially I was planning to go for 10km for this race but I changed my mind. I want to beat my personal record first in 5k which is 33 mins.

I'm a slow runner in my opinion because I was short. (5'5). So I need to exert extra effort to cope with Mark's pace. Them long legged freaks.. just kindding. I will need to stretch more in order to have longer strides. I will develop that eventually.

Food, I haven't thought about nutrition and diet yet but I started skipping rice and replacing it with bread. What I did change with my diet now is I make sure that I don't skip any meals at all. I've learned that it's not a good practice to lose weight. Now, I eat eveytime I starve. I don't eat too much though. I make sure that I include fruits in my diet. Earlier, I had 4 regular size french toast and 4 strips of bacon. Then I am craving for the adobo that my mother prepared but I decided to eat that after my run.

Diet is one of the hardest part of losing weight. What I also do is give my self a day off in my diet.

I hope that I will have a good run later.

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