Sunday, November 29, 2009


The race is fun. Boring male host (kala ko ba fun? lol~). Uniformed marshalls. Sufficient portalets. Medals. Chocolates and bananas.  Bag counters. Different Start and Finish lines. Better luck next time with the claiming of singlets.

I lost. I didn't beat myself. I'm 1 min slower from the last run. I should punish myself for this so I can run faster and stronger next time.

Wrong move. I should've not ran @ 80% at the first 8 minutes of the race. Wrong strategy. @3 km, I think I was gasping for breath. I should've stayed with the pace I did in Botak. At least, I learned a lesson. So I will need to do more trainings. I still have 5km, races to go before the end of the year.

Congratulation to New Balance and its organizers!


After the run, I went home in Las Pinas hurriedly because I still have training for Muay Thai with Pam. This is the first time that I will have a session in Elorde Southmall. I think running is a big help for my Muay Thai. I noticed that even after the 5k run, I can still throw strong kicks and Sir Jherson was quite impressed (I guess) with my form. I noticed that I don't get tired easily. i didn't gasp for air within the 3 minute round and I was able to do 6 rounds and I'm still ok. Osu! Now I don't have any guilt of eating sinigang during lunch.

It was a tiring day though, cuz after lunch, Me and my friend Wily went to Dasma for a meeting. We're not able to attend our driver's meeting last night. It'a a good thing that the meeting ended after an hour.

Jack Daniels Burger. This is the shit! One of the best burger that I tried aside from Charlie's Black angus Burger. I think that this burger is worth the bucks

After devouring the burger, we had some masculine bonds to do. Foot Spa. hahaha. Foot massage trip ko e kaso si Wily trip foot spa hahahaha. Pero ok naman. Magising ako sa sarili kong hilik habang inaattendan.

Last, Left 4 Dead till 1 am. So when I got home, neverland is paradise.


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