Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I just ran in Bonifacio High Street last night after we've registered for the Botak Paabilisan 2009. We're able to get the 5km route and we ran it plus an additional 1 km. So I think I was able to complete my task for last night. The terrain have some easy uphill run anyway. Next time I'll be running the uphill in St Paul Pasig because that one is tougher. I used to run the uphill in Julia Vargas and it really helped me a lot when I ran the 10k in Adidas KOTR 2009. Although doing 5k is already easy mentally and physically for me, I want to make sure that I will be doing everything the right way so I took it to the next level by following a program.

I always follow programs since I started training for badminton in high school. For me, it's always right to know the basics.And I think it applies to any sport. I believe that when you're doing it right, then there's less effort. That's what I want to achieve in running.

The run earlier is smooth, although my mistake is I don't have any water with me since I thought that I can finish the 5k smoothly. But following Mark's pace is a bit tougher for me. It's a good thing that he brought his hydration belt with him. I took a sip from his gatorade and that's enough for me to finish our route.

I'm trying to train myself in drinking less water while running 5k. Actually I can finish my 12 1/2 course in the track in Ultra without the need to drink water. My PR for that 12 1/2 course in the 3rd innermost lane in the track is 00:28:31. I'll train more to decrease this time and I'll do it in the right way.

I'll try to hit the gym later for another round of strength training after I get my long rest after my work. (Yeah, i work at night. ;-) But thank goodness that I work from home.)


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