Sunday, February 14, 2010

A running love letter

Hi there!

I really don't know how to start this letter but let me give you a background of how I am before our paths have crossed. It was 2 years ago when our friends Jyn and Pongs invited us to participate in one of your so many events. At first I thought you're just like the other sports out there. A fad. It took me a year before I participated in another event. That's the second time we met. I know that you already exist but I have no idea how popular are you.

During the time that my first love is Badminton, all I know is that you're just a part of our warm up. You're not too relevant. Badminton and I bonded for the longest time. We still meet occasionally. She's still the same old sport that requires me to be quick. She's still tricky sometimes with her shots. Still the same high maintenance sport that I always enjoy. But then our relationship slowly faded because she never wanted us to play alone. She always want me to tag along some friend. I cannot have an intimate time with her.So you see, my options are limited. As much as I wanted to become creative, she won't allow it unless I'm with 3 or more people.

2 years ago, I met a new girl who came from Thailand. She's the more violent type which caught my attention for several months, like the prior, we still meet each other sometimes. What I liked about this one is she's challenging. She wants me to prove a lot to her. She wants me to be like her. Violent. But that's not me. I mean, we jive sometimes specially when I'm fired up and she wants to put up a spar. There are some instances that she can't hold back that she wants me to go home with a concussion. I remember this event when she wanted me to prove that I really liked her. She had me joined one of her tournaments and she wanted me to win. Unfortunately, I didn't. I thought she'll get disappointed but not. She didn't gave up on me. I did. I realized that we're not meant to go on forever because she might shorten my life because of her violence. I know that you're also there when I train. Just like the first one, you're there again, but I still didn't recognize you because you're just there at the back, just a support.

Last year, I attended one of your events, I did another 5k. Just like the first event which I totally didn't give a damn, I run the event even though I made small walk breaks. Well, I have to admit that although we are seeing each other in my previous sports, I never ran 5 km  as part of my warm up. I think that this is the longest time we're together. I remember that it's when I crossed the finish line that I realize that you're pretty interesting. I can still remember that day. It was a cold and rainy Sunday morning. I didn't find it cute because I got soaked in rain water, I had colds when I got home. (You think it's funny?) And then I started to like you more when Julius and Kirby decided that we join another event. You gave us a 10km run this time. You need to know that I never back down on a challenge. That's why we got the chance to know each other more. You  know what I liked about you. You're simple, you're straight forward, and you're challenging. When you say 10km then it's 10km but you have to admit that some of your organizers sucks at measuring distances! ha!

I really enjoyed the time that we bonded together. Just you and me. I liked it when you don't ask for so many conditions just to be with you. (Unlike that Badminton biatch.. shh don't tell her I told you that she's a batch ;))  I liked it when we bond under the bright moonlight, or when you toast me under mid day sun. I liked it when you bring me to different places. I liked it that you make me feel a better person. I like it when you humbled me with your half marathon. I really didn't expect that you can go that far or farther than that. And I didn't expect that I can also go that far. You really amaze me. I'm thankful that buddy(body) can still cope with your challenges. Just bring it on! I think I'm enjoying your company.

I know we'll bond more. I like the fact that you don't change, but I do. I know that I'll be better. I hope I can conquer more of your challenges. I got to say that I've been thinking of you everyday. I think I already love you. There! You finally know it! damn! You think I'm too fast? We've not been together for a year long yet no? But I can already say the words.

What can I say? we're together almost everyday. You're the first thing that comes into my mind every Sunday morning. Some things have already changed. Like some of the "required" things to do become "wants" already. I want you to know that you inspire me and thank you for that. Thank you for the time you spend with me when I need to solve some problems in life. You always give me the chance to think clearly. So I guess I will end my letter here for now. You made me tired after doing those drills in the oval. I got to sleep now so we can bond some more on the next day. You know, buddy needs rest too or I might not be able to see you.  I'll talk to him also. I need to say some words of encouragement to him so he'll always be strong. So bye for now. I'm happy that we met. There are so many things that I still want to say and share with you but buddy wants to sleep now. Happy valentines!