Sunday, January 17, 2010's Biggest Loser Challenge 2

I didn't expect that I'll get to join this tournament. This is serious. And I think that this will help me a lot in my quest to get back to my old weight or become get a better body this time. Boss Rico (Sheerwill) invited me to join the tournament. He told me that this tournament will help me boost my weight loss pogram more since I need to take this seriously. I got to pay 1000php for participation so I think that's enough to really take this seriously.

When we weigh in in Fitness First, Fort Bonifacio, my starting weight for the tournament is 165.5 lbs. Just seeing that made me happy already because I already lost more that 10 pounds. Before I started running last year, my weight went up to 175 lbs already. I can literally say that I'm fat, and I hate it. I don't want to get fat. They say that the best way to see if you're fat is to look at your current picture and not to look at your self in the mirror. Almost all of my pictures show that I'm fat. So this is bad. I'm thankful though that running is already helping me get back to shape. I'm competitive by nature anyway so I think I will enjoy this tournament. Whatever the result will be, I'll make sure that I'll be satisfied even if I don't win. For now, winning the tournament is just a bonus, losing weight and fats is incomparable.

Current Weight

Although I'm now at 165.5, my BMI is still at 27% so that means that I'm still in the obese level. I'm not really sure how that machine works but it's accurate and I got to trust what's it's displaying. Everyone uses the same machine to get their stats and that fair enough for me. The person in FF said that my ideal weight is 143 pounds. (Gulp) Last time I tried to reach that, I only made 147.

This time, I think I know how to do it right, I will not try to starve my self and I will just try to exert more effort on losing the fats and get it replaced with lean muscle. I will try to post my individual program so if it'll eventually work, then I can share it to other people who's trying to get lean as well.

I will do well in this competition and I hope that everyone will enjoy the tournament. This is so much fun! So help me God.~

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