Sunday, January 3, 2010

Personal Report : First long run for 2010

Early this morning, I tag along with some peeps for a 20 km LSD. I really have no idea how this works so I'm quite excited to experience this. Of course, I know that I will benefit from this run in preparation for my 1st 21k this February. Good thing Wily tag along too so I didn't had any problem going to Paseo de Sta Rosa anymore which is the meeting place for our LSD. Wily didn't run though because he went off for a cruise driving to Tagaytay.

It's my second time to meet the members of I'm glad that they are all friendly. Thanks to Argo for introducing me to the other members!

It was really a tiring yet fun experience. I didn't expect that one day, I'll be moving one level up again in running. I'm not even sure if I can finish 20 km at first since I never reached that distance yet. The cardiac hills is really challenging. I thought the uphill in St Martin St is already tough, but this one is tougher. I was at least able to complete maybe about 70% of the major hill then I walked. I thought I'm gonna pass out since I can feel that my head is starting to get dizzy.

The route is a mix of flat roads and trail running. The trail part is harder since you need to watch your steps or you'll f up your ankle. I tried to run in small steps so I can watch where my feet are landing and it worked for me. But Since the trail is long, I can feel that my knees are getting the hard beating. After we reached the flat road again, I can feel that my legs are starting to get shaky. So I'm really thankful that we have some pitstops so we're able to rest for a while. I was running along with Aleth and Raymund in the second half of the whole 19.5 km route. Thanks to you guys! According to my watch, we finished the run in 2:50 mins. But I think it's more than that since I wasn't able to set it right away.

I think I lost a lot of water weight after than run. It's really a fun and challenging experience. I'm thankful that nobody got hurt or injured. I think that I'm already getting serious with this sports. The fact that I'm considering it a sport and not a hobby is a serious thing for me. I love challenges. I hope that I'll be able to conquer more challenges in running and learn along the way. I hope that I can share my experiences to others in time and they'll learn something from it. I wish I can always run so I will not be conscious with the food that I'm eating. I hope I can reach all my goals by the end of 2010. (I haven't set my goals yet, I'll just blog it tomorrow perhaps.)

So I'll start training again this tuesday. I already talked to coach Sid (Isidro) and he'll train me get a PR or get stronger. So help me God. :) Goodnight!


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