Monday, December 28, 2009

I really don't know what title should I give to this post. XD but it has something to do with running.


  • Christmas is over. So there. Kinda boring for me. I hope everybody else enjoyed this day. Is it just me or somebody out there is also thinking that the days before Christmas are more exiting than the actual event? I'm really not sure.

  • Oh, I ran 8 km last Christmas. It was so cold! I am enjoying my run. If it's not because of the blister that is starting to get painful, I could've run more the 8k that day. Maybe someone up there punished me and said, "dude, cmon! it's my son's birthday! Are you serious? running? today? you don't have any other plans? something much cooler than running? Don't you have a life? Go to church you crazy ass!" 
  • I've already signed up for 2 running events for 2010. I think it's a good way to stay focused. In my quest to go for a sub 50 10k run, I signed up for a 21k run on febuary. Now, I've been running longer than the usual and I'm planning to go back with the drills on January 2010.

  • It's confirmed. I'm hooked with running. After getting my self a Nike Triax C3 w/HRM, I bought a New Balance hydration belt. I was originally planning to buy a Nathan HB but Runnr ran out of stock. I checked Planet Sports though and they still have a stock in Greenhills. But why will I go to Greenhills on a holiday season?

    So, I got my NBHB in NB Shang. It's cheaper by the way! 1500++, 4 170 ml flask. I already tested it and I find it comfortable to use. I think I got everything I need for running long distances so far. Hopefully, I will not want to get a running tights yet. Great Haile is not using tights anyway.

  • I've shop for new trainings already. I'll try to apply them in January when my schedule is better.

  • I got a copy of Runner's World January 2010. Thanks Mark!
Cross Training
  • After several months, I was able to visit my trainer in Muay Thai in Las Pinas. After all the runs that I participated, I'm quite curious if I still have my form and endurance during the punch-mitts exercises. Kuya Joel is a beast! I told him to go easy on me since I didn't have regular training. Guess what, he gave me the same old stuff. Results? I was able to carry on. I think running has contributed to my endurance. After 3 minutes, my gasp for air is just similar when I try to sprint for 200m in the track. I also felt that my legs are not buckling down. He said that my form is still there, but my kicks were kinda different than before. No, it didn't become stronger unfortunately, it was slower. I think I should at least have 1 session every week by next year or 1 every 2 weeks depending on my schedule.
I miss badminton...


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