Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Know what you're trying to accomplish. Go in with a purpose.

What an inspiring message. I got this while watching the instructional disc that comes along with my new Nike Triax C3.

Yeah, I think this is already an old model. The acknowledgement in the video still acknowledges Macromedia (my former team) which is already bought by Adobe (my newer-former company). The video dates back to 2004!

Why did I bought an old model anyway? It comes with a Chronograph, a digital time a HRM and a Big Discount. 'nuf said.

So before getting the chance to watch the video, I already used the watch and the HRM to test it. Boy I was so excited to run wearing a HRM. Before, I really don't get it why people uses HRM. Then as I started running, I eventually learned its purpose. So there you go, I'm a HRM user now. Wisdom comes after a new experience.

Going back to the topic, let me break it down to you according to what I've learned in the video.

1. At First, just see what numbers you get. Because maybe your numbers really are specific to you.

When I first tested my HRM in the treadmill several days ago, and since this is the first time that I am using a heart rate monitor, I am curious with my numbers. I'm curious about my heartbeat when I'm running at a speed of 7,8,9,10,10.5,11 and12 then inclines. What's cool about that is the treadmill detects that I'm wearing a HRM and it flashes my BPM (beat per minute). Cool (while drooling at the treadmill's monitor). So I realize what numbers I get when I hit a specific pace. (Running is becoming interesting with these gadgets huh?).

Having a monitor gives you a different angle of view with your training. Before, when I'm running on a theadmill, I only focus on the distance that I accomplished for a certain period of time and then try to beat that next time. Then it gets boring after sometime. So that's when #2 hit me.

2. Know what you're trying to accomplish. Go in with a purpose.

What am I trying to accomplish again? Why am I running? What's my original goal? Why should I train hard?

These are the questions that I come up with after watching the video. Like Badminton and Muay Thai, I think running is also my sport because...

1. It helps me build endurance that will be beneficial to the other sports that I play.
2. It will help me lose weight.
3. It will make me healthy as long a I don't run to stress my self. I remember that I'm running to feel good, not to get stressed.
4. I want to train hard because I don't want to be branded as a casual runner. Like I want to be on top of the Fad Pyramid of running. (Ego? lol~)
5. I want to become a strong runner and eventually finish a full marathon under 4 hours. (woohoo! goal setting).

So there. I know that I have other reasons but I think that this are the important one.


I contemplated about this word. Did I ever ran for a personal purpose. Like why am I running uphill when I can choose to ran on an even road. Purpose, I want to build my endurance and it will help me make my strides stronger. Same goes with the other exercises and drills that I'm doing. One of my simple achievement is I am not talking a walk anymore when I reach the uphill part of Julia Vargas coming from Lanuza drive. Before, I hate it when I reach this area during my jogs. It fucking hurts in the legs! But now, it's easy. I even targeted to run an additional uphill in St Pauli in the duration of the run. I think some of the efforts that I'm doing is paying off. Those stair climbs that I curses sometimes when I was in Ultra paid off. Same with the drills that I'm doing alone in the track. They all paid off really nice.

This is just the beginning. I'm yet in the 3rd week of my program. Still a long way to run. I'm kinda wondering who will I become after I finished my training. That day will come not too long from now.

As I go along the way, just like in a RPG, I'm slowly gaining experience. I'm leveling up. I'm getting stronger. It's a game. I love games. I take games seriously. For me, running is one of the games I am playing in my life. Therefore, I take running seriously.

Just the other night, I felt good after finishing 6.5 km of jogging. What's good about the run is that I'm still ok after the round. Had 2 hills, the dreaded St Martin and then St Paul. I was able to sprint for 15 seconds then rest for 30 sec. I was shouting "aerobic endurance!" while sprinting up. (Good thing that there's no too many people around at 5 in the morning. :) )

See, I don't even know if this post has an essence again. Hahaha. I can't always focus on the main topic! Fuck me. I want to share a lot of things, sometimes I find it hard what to share next.

At least I shared my purpose. :) Later I'll do 10 x 400m again. I want to know if I can beat my 47 secs in the track. :) I will include a purpose this time and that it to train my mind to do quality runs when I'm already tired. :)

Good morning.



  1. sid, nice blog! to answer your question about base training pace, you have to do a diagnostic test on yourself by running at least 30 minutes in an oval track at your best effort. from this run, you will find out your average pace. from the average pace, you add 25% of it and the total is your suggested base training pace. example, if you averaged 5-min/km pace in your diagnostic test, then your base training pace is 6:15-6:20 min/km.

  2. Thank you for the advise sir! More power to you and have a blessed new year!