Saturday, December 19, 2009

Philstar Christmas Celebrity Run 2009

I just got back from the Philstar Christmas Celebrity Run 2009 held at Bonifacio High Street grounds.

Christmas is just around the corner. On the way there, I had a hard time getting a cab because a lot of people partied last night and they're just going home by 5 am. I left my place at 4:45 am and it took me 45 minutes more to get a cab. Crap.

On the way there, I thought it's gonna be a smooth travel but them MMDAs are creating a foot-bridge in C5 along Kalayaan Ave which created a bottle neck for the vehicles. Sh*t, I'm almost late. By the time I arrived in the venue, the 21k runners are already waiting for the gun start.

There are a lot of runners. It's gonna be a busy race. I never had a chance to warm up but I made sure that I still did my stretching. I tag along with Mark and Marvie.

This is my final 5k race. I was planning to beat my 5k PR for the last time but that plan never happened because I wasn't able to position myself somewhere near the front area. So I said to my self, I'm so pogi it hurts! lol~ I'll just run and see what happens.

It looks like a pretty organized race at the start. There's an Emcee and she's a DJ from Wave 89.1. I forgot her name but I believe that she hosted the New Balance last time. So the countdown began and everyone was getting ready. I think everyone is excited. No doubt.


I feel good whenever I pass a lot of runners because I can see my improvement. Whenever I see someone walking, I can't help but reminisce my first time of running a 5k. Silently, I was saying to them that they can do it if they will not stop or give up. Now I'm in a level where I can afford to not walk and push strongly. I can see how I level up in this sport. I was thanking God for giving me a strong heart and determination. I can see that my uphill running outside Ultra (St. Martin and St Paul) are paying off. Since Mckinley doesn't have a very steep hill, I was able to attack it without any problem. Then I can easily recover during the downhill.

Every new run, there's a new experience and it leads to more learning. I should not stop from learning, and so do you! As I move one feet at a time, I am trying to think what should I try to improve next time. This is something that makes me look forward to my next running experience. Should I do more hill? Should I do more endurance? These questions I ask myself.


As I pass the 3km mark, I noticed that there's a group of runners who stopped and I don't know if they're complaining about something. I heard 1 guy who said, "sa MOA na lang tayo tumakbo next time, walang kwenta to!" Hmm, I think there was a confusion with the 3k route and 5k. I think what was wrong here is they're giving the arm band in the water station several hundred meters away before the U-turn slot for the 5 k runners. So it seems like other people went back earlier. Technically, they really didn't finish the 5k route. So it seems that there's a disorganization of things.

So you know, this is really what make things wrong. Who do the organizers care about? Is it the runners? Or their sponsors? As a runner, when I run, I want a safe road with sufficient, alert ushers to guide you. I want to make sure that I'm running the right course and I can know how long have I run so far. I want sufficient water stations where I can rehydrate. I didn't join for the freebies and give aways. Runner's safety should be the top priority. So there.

To wrap things up, there's a lot of things I want to be thankful. I am looking forward for a stronger and longer run next year. I hope that all learned from their personal experiences. I hope that every organizers learned from their experiences and make more exciting and more enjoyable and safer runs next year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all!

(I just registered for PSE Bull Run. I'll be starting the year with a 10k run. :) )


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