Sunday, March 21, 2010

Globe Run for Home 2010 : 3rd half marathon for 2010

3rd half marathon for 2010 and I was planning to just take Condura half marathon this year. I'm not following my plans again. But who'll blame me? Ain't it fun to run along with your friends?

There are a couple of things I want to be thankful for this race.

1. No blisters. The dri-fit socks worked!

2. No injuries! My left thigh is not aching anymore after the race. Hopefully, I can do my recovery run right away this morning.

3. Friends! Friends! Friends! Friends! Friends! Running gave me more friends! Let me name them all! I'll start with my pace group earlier first then the rest in no particular order! Mark M, Boss Rico, Noelle, Timmy, Julie Hotlegs, Wilnar, Mund, Emil, DocT, Roselle, Rod, Alex, Julie P, Brando,  Ross, Carina, Pepsi, Doc Marvs, Z, Raff, Eric, Ian, Jet, Edu,DocT, Pat, Aleth, Ellen, Morgan, Luis, Abbey, Marvs2 (hypermarvs),Ms Nao, Doc Eire and Brian, Argo, Ronald, Natz, Cess, Sam and many many more! (If I didn't mention you're name, it's not intentional, I'm writing this without a cheat sheet! :) )

Friends motivates you and help you reach your goal. For that I thank you all. :)

4. Lots of hydration! - Oh yes! we're getting spoiled by Coach Rio. Thanks for that!

5. Safety - I'm glad that no accident or Injury was reported. I'm glad that everyone finished the race safely.

6. Lots of calories burned! Woohoo! 1 and a half week to go before the end date of the BLC2. I'm thankful that I was so motivated to run that losing weight is just a second priority. I'm a winner for my self already even if I will not win the BLC2 contest. I know that I lost weight already. Can you see the difference from the pictures below?

Before the advent of running. @ 177 lbs (I really excrete sand ;-p)

Badminton didn't help to much.

Then I started running

And I started to take it seriously.

I find my journey exciting. :)

7. My new pair of Mizuno :) Thanks for the wonderful birthday gift boo. :)

So there. I'll give this race a 4.99274629743 out of 5  hahahaha. Why? There's no medal. heeheehee.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! kudos to finishing the marathon! :) Help, Help, one day.. this may.. hope to finish one. im scared for my life!


  2. oo nga brother sid. WALANG MEDAL!


  3. Hi Sid,

    Congrats pare! More miles and more smiles ;-)

    See you on the road!


  4. Congrats bro! You really lost a lot of weight.. You're a BLC winner already as it is... Keep on running... Full Marathon na next! see you around..

  5. Hey Sid, nice running behind you guys for the first half of the race. Congrats on your great run and new PR! Happy for you my friend!

  6. Nice running with you too sir Rico! next time ulet! :D sayang nga walang official PR for me. ;-)

    Hey Ian thanks! sana I can do a full by 2011. :)

    Ray thanks!

    Woohoo! Thanks sa mga nagcomment :)

  7. ang payat mo na nga! :D congrats, Sid.

  8. Lost a lot of weight already Sid, keep it up man, and continue being an inspiration to others :)